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8 Easy Ways to Reduce Car Maintenance Costs

The cost of maintaining and operating a vehicle can increase the burden on your pocket. It can take a major chunk of your hard-earned money.  However, you can save a significant amount of money by doing these simple things.

car Engine

  • Change Oil and Oil Filter Regularly

The quality of engine oil and the frequency of its change are two of the major factors important for determining the overall life of a vehicle – especially an engine. New and clean oil is required for the good health of an engine.  Without it, the engine and gaskets are exposed to faster wear and tear. Oil changes should be made routinely and as well as oil filters as dirty oil can cause corrosion and blockages which are not good for your engine. Do some research on how often you should change your engine oil?

  • Do It Yourself

In case you are using an older vehicle, try performing basic maintenance yourself. For some models, it is extremely easy to do some basic repair and maintenance like oil change and brake pad changes. You can do so easily and also save a significant amount of money. However, doing so can be challenging for some newer models and you may need more tools to complete the tasks. In this case, it is recommended not to try it yourself as you may incur significant losses. If you still want to do it, watch online tutorials and get yourself familiarized with the matter.

  • Use the Manufacturer’s Recommended Oil Type

It is recommended to use the oil type manufactured by the manufacturer. In contrast to what some tire and lube shops might tell you, use what your manufacturer recommends. They build the engine and the components which are to operate with that oil type. Most auto manufacturers test the ideal types of oils after designing the mechanics.   The longevity of the engine is a major indicator of manufacturers’ performance. It is one of the key elements on which they are judged.

  • Drive Sensibly

Some cars and trucks are made to go through the mill. However, a raft of vehicles is not. It is not necessarily bad to rip some ass once in a while. But, consistent rough driving like hard braking, redlining, and extreme speeding will cost you more than you would expect. All of such practices will stress out your engine as well as cause excessive engine wear and tear. While you can do so on a racetrack it is dangerous to drive like this on metro roads.

Driving roughly on a road with frequent humps and potholes can expose you to a myriad of problems like tire and wheel damage, suspension damage, steering wheel misalignment, and engine defect. In addition, remember to apply brakes softly when you are slowing down.

  • Drive Less, Save More

Off course, you will save money if you choose to drive less. In addition to money-saving on fuel, you will save money on tire wear and tear, oil change and occasional parts replacement. Try to drive only when it is absolutely necessary. Consider taking a bus, bicycle or other forms of transportation.

  • Get Car Tune Ups As Needed

One thing is often overlooked and not considered while most drivers are aware of the basic inspection – tune-up. The standard tune-up of the vehicle includes inspection and necessary replacement of car components like air filter PCV valve, fuel filter, breather filter, belts, spark plugs, hoses, and others. The replacement of these parts before they become defective will elevate the performance of your vehicle and will prevent damage to your engine.  

  • Keep Your Engine Air Filter Clean

Keep in mind that dirt is not good for your car engine. A clean and lubricated engine ensures a long and functional life for your car. Adequate air flow is crucial to keep everything working functionally while churning out peak performance. Buying a new air filter is cheaper than replacing the engine component that may have to be removed.

  • Check Tire Pressure Regularly

Check your tire pressure regularly. It should not fall below a safe level.  But, many people ignore this important feature. Maintaining your tire pressure will result in good fuel economy, an extension of the life of the tires and can help prevent alignment issues.   

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