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5 Signs of Low Transmission Fluid

Taking care of your car is important for its proper functioning and smooth running. Different car parts work together to create movement that keeps us moving on the road. But, the improper functioning of these parts can lead to low quality ride on the road and even the damaging the engine

Transmission fluid is vital for the functioning of transmission system. It allows the parts of the system to run smoothly. The absence of the transmission fluid can cause a lot of problems and even damage your transmission. The problem becomes even greater in an automatic car because the automatic transmission fluid doubles as an antifreeze to prevent the engine overheating.

The Function of Transmission Fluid

Your transmission uses the transmission fluid for several purposes. It main function is to lubricate the transmission system. It transfers power with your converter between the gears and the engine. It also absorbs the heat created inside the system and passes it out through the radiator.

Driving on low transmission fluid is extremely for transmission of your car and it could lead to transmission failure and other costly repairs.

Low Transmission Fluid Symptoms

The low level of fluid can be due to many reasons. Here are some low transmission fluid symptoms you should watch out for.

  • Trouble Shifting Gears

I is a common problem for the cars that the gears do not respond abruptly. Generally,, it is experienced with manual transmission but it is not limited to them. Since automatic cars also have gears, these cars can experience disparity in gear shifting as well. So, if you face this gear shifting problem low transmission fluid could be the culprit.  In addition, dirty oil is also a problem for the problem of hard gear shifting.

  • Gear Slipping

Another common issue is gear slipping. It is caused due the lack of synchronization between the engine and the vehicle. It happened when engine speed up and the vehicle fails to respond.  It does not let the gear to stay in the mode you have selected.

You should blame low transmission fluid for problem. However, if the fluid level is right, the culprit must be the residue buildup that obstructs the fluid to flow freely.

  • Unusual Noise

Generally, the transmission of the vehicle should be noiseless. However, if you start hearing unusual sounds from your vehicle’s transmission it is recommended to have it checked. Experiencing hard or erratic shifts when changing gears could be the result of a low ATF.

  • Transmission Overheating

Transmission fluid performs a critical function of keeping the transmission temperature to the normal level. Insufficient amount of fluid will create friction that will further lead to excessive heat. Eventually, you will experience an overheated transmission due to this friction.  

  • Transmission Fluid Leaks

Leaking transmission is an obvious sign of low transmission fluid. The fluid is vital to ensure that the vehicle is functioning properly. It is better to keep checking under your car and engine compartment. In addition also check the smell of the fluid as it can indicate a problem.

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