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Apr 10 2020

6 Maintenance Tips for your Car Wash Business


Even automated car washes require some form of maintenance. Here's what you need to know:

In most cases, a car wash requires only a minimum of daily maintenance.

  • Most of the work is done by the equipment, and it usually takes only one or two workers to maintain the site during the busiest hours to keep everything going smoothly.

1. Be Present:

Although a car wash can operate independently most of the time, it is still important for the owner to be present to deal with potential problems with equipment or customers.

2. Make a Plan:

Even the most reliable equipment cannot escape technical troubles indefinitely, so do not neglect routine maintenance and prepare a backup plan in case of failure.

3. Hire the Right Employees:

Employees also need maintenance, so it's worth hiring the best employees from the start.

  • Hire responsible, reliable, competent and smiling people to make your business more competitive and make your job easier.

4. Choose your Equipment Wisely:

Buying the cheapest equipment will save you money at first, but it may cost you a lot of maintenance and breakdowns, which could affect your turnover in the end.

Choose your equipment based on its reliability, warranty, potential performance, cleaning power and durability.

5. Allocate Time Each Day for Preventive Maintenance:

Make sure your building is clean and the equipment works flawlessly.

  • It would be a good idea to spend at least a few hours a day during off-peak periods cleaning the grounds and the wash compartments.
  • Preventative maintenance is the key to keeping your equipment running at its full potential.

6. Keep Spare Parts in Reserve:

Always maintain common spare parts reserves for quick repairs.

  • In this way, a broken equipment will not risk slowing down your business.

In short, a car wash is not a business that we can just put on autopilot. If you own a car wash, follow these six helpful tips for servicing it.

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