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9 Tips to Become a More Confident Driver

Driving can be discomforting at times especially if are a newbie behind the wheels. Sometimes you may feel stress. If you are looking for tips to become more comfortable behind the wheels, here are a few tips to boost your confidence.

Hit the Road as often as you can

The old saying ‘practice makes perfect’ is very true. You can become a better and more confident driver with practice. If you feel nervousness, it is good to start with a friend in the car with you. They can help you to navigate, provide reassurance and keep you calm.

Practicing solo driving is also important. Getting behind the wheels without any trusted passengers can be scary, but it will reduce over time. At a point, you will feel it like second nature.

If you want to boost your confidence further, challenging yourself to go somewhere new can be even better. On a familiar route, you will feel it easy to follow, but new ones shake you out of your comfort zone and give you the skills to prepare for everything. By facing new situations, you can build your skills for the future.

Get to know Your Car

It may sound like some basic knowledge but knowing where everything in your car is located is essential and feels even more confident on the road. Do you know where the fog lights are? How do you control the windscreen wiper speed? These minor details can be so important when you are trying to concentrate on the road. 

Do Some Route Preparation

When you are focused on driving carefully and safely, surely you do not want to get lost. It can lead to stress and panic which is not good if you are already nervous about driving.

It cannot be guaranteed that you will take all the right steps, but you can take steps to prepare your route. Carefully study the route in advance before you start your journey.

Focus on Your Own Driving

You may feel stress while driving but you should focus on your driving. You can minimize your stress level by doing so. You indeed need to be aware of the other vehicles on the road, but you do not need to feel overwhelmed by them. Another driver may want you to speed up but that is not your issue. Drive according to the speed limit, watch carefully, and try not to worry about anyone else. Even if you make a mistake, it is unlikely that you will ever see the other driver again, so do not stress if they unleash the discomforting sounds of their horns.

Take Some Refresher Driving Lessons

It is good to take some extra driving lessons before attempting your driving tests. If you are already a driver, taking a handful of refresher lessons will brush up your skills. You can ask your questions about your experienced driving instructor and seek assurances. They are likely to have plenty of tips on building up your confidence.

It Takes Time

Gaining confidence behind the wheel can take some time especially if you have been away from driving for a long time. Remember that things may take some time. Go to a large park, and practice some basic manoeuvers. After that, you can head to quieter roads during times when there are not many cars around. If you are feeling comfortable it is time to tackle some other challenges. You can force yourself to try driving in the rain or a short drive in busier traffic.

Avoid Any Distractions

You may think that having the radio on will make you relaxed, but it can have the opposite effect. Radio can be a distraction when you need to concentrate. It is advised to turn your radio down low. Hands-free can also be very distracting.

Don’t Drive When Tired or Over-Stressed

If you are feeling sleepy or stressed out, it is not a good idea to drive. Both of these conditions can cause a drop in concentration and focus.

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