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Sep 18 2017

Some Signs a Used Car Has Been in an Accident

Many car accidents happen on daily basis. Hundreds of cars get bumped up. All of those cars are not scrapped; many of them make their way into used cars market. Since it is possible to restore a damaged car, many people take advantage of it. They try to sell a car involved into an accident to buyers.  It is why it needs to be taken seriously. So, how to tell if a car has been involved in an accident?

You should not buy a used car involved in an accident at any cost. You should be careful of cars that have collision damage. Improper cash repair can affect how a car is driven and sometimes it can be a challenge for the security of those in the car in case of another collision.


Car paint is a major indication of a car’s involvement in an accident. Most collision work involves repainting repaired panels.  It is not easier to detect a good paint, but some signs can indicate it. Dirty car can be an indication if the owner has something to hide. Find paint that does not meet with the texture or sheen found on the larger part of the vehicle. Look for various colors on the surface and ask why. Closely pay attention to places that require some extra time while painting. Those places may indicate something.

Unevenly Worn Tires

Uneven tire wear may indicate a problem. Simply it can mean that car is out of alignment, but it also indicates that its body has been damaged and straightened. Check to see if one of more parts has been aligned evenly. It steering wheel is off-center but car does not pull to one side, they body may not be straight. It is a problem that you need to take seriously.

Coating or New Parts on Underside

It is advisable to take the car to a mechanic‘s lift for inspection. Look carefully underneath the car. Parts should show some weathering and tear. Look if the cars’ underneath parts are shinier on one side as compared to the other; if underside of the car has fresh paint and undercoating that may be a problem. 

Cracks across the Windshield

Cracks on the windshield may indicate that a car has been involved in a crash. Reasons may be any, but this issue should be taken seriously. It is fine if seller lowers the sticker price, otherwise it is better to walk away. 

Rusty Screws and Bolts

Rusty screws and bolts can be signs of warning. If a bolt or screw head looks chewed-up or a bit rusty, it is time to be careful.

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