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Oct 18 2021

Car AC Gives a Musty Smell?


All car owners want their vehicles to be comfortable to drive. Well one of the factors that greatly affect the comfort of the car is the air conditioner. As we all know, car air conditioners function to produce cool or cold air by circulating air in the car cabin through several components. Therefore it is very important to carry out AC maintenance  .Unfortunately, the car air conditioner often has problems. Now the problem that often arises in air conditioners is that it emits unpleasant odors, such as musty, hot, sour, dust, and carrion smells. Of course there is a cause, so we must first know what the cause of the AC smells so that we can take action for what AC treatment is right to deal with it.

The Cause of the Car Air Conditioner Smells:

Usually the problem that causes the air conditioner to smell is very trivial. Maybe it's because we don't do AC maintenance, so there's dirt left in the car cabin. But not infrequently problems arise due to damage to the car's AC components. If this happens, then we have to come to the AC service workshop for a thorough check. Here are the causes of smelly air conditioners and tricks to avoid them.

Car AC Freon Runs Out:

The technical problem that causes the car air conditioner to smell is that the freon runs out. But the smell is different from the smell in general, and is usually followed by the AC that is not cold. Now the solution is to do AC maintenance by filling freon at the AC service repairman. We also have to check, whether there is a leaking line or not. If the cause of the Freon runs out because there is a leak, then you must first patch it.

Dirty Car Air Conditioner Filter:

The dust and dirt that sticks to the car cabin can be sucked in by the AC which then enters the AC filter. The dirt can stick to the AC filter, so it can cause a musty smell when the AC is turned on. The solution to overcome this is to ask for help from a car AC service repairman so that all the dirt on the AC filter can be cleaned

Moldy Evaporator:

If the car air conditioner emits a sour smell, the most likely cause is because the AC evaporator is moldy. This is inseparable from the humidity in the AC evaporator when cooling the air. The function of the evaporator is to maintain the humidity of the air, so mold can easily arise. The solution is to come to an AC repairman and ask for help to clean a dirty or moldy evaporator.

Dirty Car AC Grill:

Dirt is the main factor that causes a smelly car air conditioner. One of them is dirt that sticks to the AC grill or AC hole. Usually the problem is caused by dust, so that later the dust will be carried away when the AC is turned on. As a result, the car will emit a musty smell and dust which automatically makes the car cabin feel less comfortable. So that this does not happen, we recommend vacuuming the dust inside the car cabin with a vacuum cleaner.

Car Air Conditioner Runs Out:

Using car perfume is the most effective solution to maintain freshness in the car cabin. Now if the car deodorizer that we use runs out, it can cause the car air conditioner to smell. Other problems can also arise because we choose the wrong car perfume, especially perfume whose quality is below standard. The reason is that bad perfume uses materials whose particles cannot be decomposed in the evaporator, so that the edges can cause mold.

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