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Causes and Signs of the Car Alternator It Needs to be Replaced


Alternator functions to convert mechanical energy obtained from electric power machines and produce alternating current. The alternator supplies electricity to the car when the engine is running . But if the amount of electricity consumption is greater than that produced by the alternator, then the battery will carry the electrical load. However, if there is an abnormality in the charging system, whether it is from the alternator or the circuit, the battery image light as the indicator light on the dashboard will light up. In addition, for vehicles that are fully computerized, the check engine light also lights up. As a result, the most extreme car will break down due to a shortage of electrical energy supply. Many people forget to take care of even just want to know. Though the alternator is one of the important parts or components of the car. This tool has a function as a supplier of electric current to the battery which is the main electrical storage component in the car. So if there is interference with the alternator, the battery will be damaged and the car will be difficult to start.

Actually for its lifetime, the alternator still has good performance up to 5 years. To guard against damage or experiencing a car breaking down, we need to know the signs of damage to the alternator. There are several signs when the alternator is damaged, such as:

  • The alternator makes a loud noise. The cause could be a broken or damaged alternator rectifier diode.
  • The indicator light that refers to the battery comes on when starting the car. This light indicates if the alternator is no longer able to drain the electric current properly or maximally.
  • The battery that we just bought is still not strong enough to start the car, so this is a sign that the output voltage on the alternator has decreased.
  • Overcast or overcharge . Excess supply of electricity will make the alternator damaged quickly. The power supply in the alternator should not exceed 15 volts.

Causes of a Broken Car Alternator:

  • The process of installing electronic equipment with a large load
  • The rectifier diode in the alternator breaks with the regulator IC, as a result, the current to be supplied and generated by this alternator is reduced.
  • The use of a cut off on the Ket Out section of the External Voltage regulator can also cause the alternator to quickly break or drop
  • The relationship between the carbon brush and the rotor slip rings is not optimal and not good enough to make the car alternator drop quickly.

If you find these symptoms, immediately take the car to an official repair shop, or a professional dynamo expert. If the car has broken down, call a mechanic or dynamo expert immediately.

How to Care for Amperage Dynamo?

To check the alternator has a problem, we can use a screwdriver or wrench, then attach it to the alternator pulley. If there is a magnetic force that attracts the screwdriver or wrench, it means the alternator is still in good condition. Periodic maintenance every 6 months or 10,000 km so that the vehicle is always in top condition. If you can't do it yourself, go to a repair shop for help.

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