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How to Make Your Transmission Last Longer

Fixing a damaged transmission can be one of the most expensive repairs that you will ever have to make, so it is important to know how to keep it in good condition so it lasts longer. It makes sense to take care of your transmission now to avoid hefty repair bills later. Here are some tips to make your car transmission last longer.

•    Check Your Fluids

It may sound simple, but it is one of the most effective ways to take care of your car’s automatic transmission. It will also allow professional repair services the opportunity to identify any potential issues, based on the fluid level and its absence. The leaks can cause problems so it makes sense to identify it before it turns into an expensive repair.

•    Give Your Transmission a Boost

Fortunately, there are some effective products on the market that can significantly increase the life of your transmission, and boost the performance of the vehicle. You can find these products in the stores near you and extend the life of the transmission.

•    Keep it in Gear

Be conscious of what gear you are driving in. Repeatedly, driving at high speeds in low gear will cause trouble for your transmission over time. In the same way, when driving an automatic, make sure that you are in the recommended drive mode before moving forward. Generally, the owners of the manual transmission cars know what they are doing. But, it will not be the case for those who are new to the manual transmission. A lot of damage can happen to the gears if you are driving the wrong way. So, advise the others about it before lending your car to them.   

•    Shift only After You Stop

When shifting from first to reverse or vice versa make sure to bring your car to a complete stop before shifting in and out of gear. Shifting between these gears while the vehicle is in movement could weaken or strip the gears of the transmission if done consistently. 

•    Take Time to Tune-Up

Do not ignore regular tune-up of your car. All the parts of the car are connected to each other and work jointly to produce movement. A faulty engine can be catastrophic for the transmission and can make it work harder than it should when it comes to shifting. Take care of the overall health of your car and it will also benefit your transmission.

•    Warm it up

Warm up your car before putting it in gear and driving. It is especially important in cold weather.  Give your vehicle some time to idle before taking off. Let your vehicle warm up before gear changing.

•    Use Caution When Helping out Others

 Think carefully before offering tow or haul vehicles or other heavy loads with your vehicle. The additional weight can cause wear and potential issues for your transmission unless you have a heavy duty vehicle that is designed for this purpose. However, help others by offering to call a tow-truck.

•    Address Repairs and Concerns Quickly

Do not wait for a suitable time for repair when you notice signs of a transmission issue. These sounds may include strange smell, unusual sounds and grinding when shifting doors. It is recommended to address these minor issues before they turn into more serious and costly problems.

•    Keep Things Cool

Heat is dangerous for the health of the car transmission. It is recommended to avoid putting your vehicle under stress which can lead to transmission problems.  Try to cool it down as much as possible. 

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