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Nov 16 2017

Japan is a country where watching television has become a craze among the people. That is why even in cars there is a big television screen to tune into your favorite channel and watch your loved programs on the wheels too. The use of “Digi-Navi” is also growing day by day. Digi-Navi is the famous navigation system of receiving digital transmission.

Most of the people watch News, sports and music channels during driving. Most of the people watch news channel in the morning and Music, Sports channels in the evening or in nights. Kaori Hirata, the Wall Street Journal said that she watches only morning news and shows during driving to work.

At Chiebukuro (“Pearls of Wisdom”) chat room at Yahoo, a man raised a question that if using mobile is prohibited during driving then why watching television is allowed. In reply to that questioner someone named “Tukasaueta” wrote that “When I see someone watching TV during driving a car, I prefer to put as much distance as I can between me and them.”

But this function is available only in all Japanese Model cars. On the other hand, Automobile Association of America in its digest of motor laws banned to fix a TV screen visible to driver. When the new and used Japanese cars are exported to USA from Japan, the TV function is disabled by the seller. Pioneer Corporation stated that they have no plans to introduce the technology of “Digital TV Tuner” in US. The representative of Pioneer “Jaed Azadon” stated in one of his interviews that Japanese have lots of things that we cannot bring here in USA.


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