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Apr 30 2019

7 Simple Driving Skills Everyone Should Know

Driving is not inherently easy. Every day you can pick a newspaper and read about the road accidents happening. But, you can improve your driving skills. Here are some skills you should know to turn yourself into a driver that take safer on the road. Here are these 10 skills you should know.

  • Recovering from a Slide

If, mid-spin, all you see a threatening guardrail it is nearly assured that you are going to hit it.  On the road, it is better to keeping your eyes on the road, focusing on where you are going. However, do not make it priority to focus on the object where you are moving.

Turn the steering wheel in the direction of where your eyes are and hold onto there. Be thankful to hand eye coordination if your eyes are in the right place, you will steer to the right place.

  • Adjust Your Focal Point

A computer needs it’s time to process various piece pieces of information. Apply this to your brain and you improve your view on the road. If you are only paying attention to the car in front of you, you are leaving less time for your brain to process potential threats.

Look as far ahead as you can to give yourself maximum time possible to respond.

  • Applying Brakes with Antilock Brakes

Anti-lock brake system is an important security system of a car. But, many people do not know what to do in an emergency while driving a car with ABS. Driving with ABS can be a problem for those who have learnt driving in a pre-ABS era. For the drivers of today, braking in an emergency is just one step; press the brake pedal down hard as you can.

  • Driving in the Rain

Light and heavy rains have different repercussions for the drivers. In the light rain the road become slick due to oil from other cars. However, heavier rains wash that away but then you face the potential hydroplaning if there is so much water that makes it difficult for the tires to come into contact with the pavement. The secret is to keep your eyes focuses on pools which are potentially deeper than the rest

  • Driving in the Snow

Remember that driving in snow id different from driving in other weather conditions. First, you need to have adequate tires for use in snow. All-season tires will work for lighter stuff, but you need special winter tires if you live in areas where there are shoveling driveways.  

  • Be a Defensive Driver

You should mind your surrounding and look at what is going on around you and what the drivers are doing. It is good to play safely by assuming that someone is going to cause a wreck. So it is you who have to decide where to go when one start to unfold.

  • Operating a Manual Transmission

A vast majority of the cars on the road today are automatic but it does not mean that you should not learn driving a manual car. This skill may make you feel good if you master it.    

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