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Feb 11 2019

8 Reasons to Choose an SUV over a Sedan

Today there are a lot of options on the market if you are looking forward to your next car purchase. You may have many preferences in your mind. However, you need to decide the type of car first before purchasing one.


If you have a big family, you will more likely choose a minivan. On the other hand, if you need a vehicle to haul a lot of bulky stuff, a pickup truck is more likely to be your choice. However, if you are someone who just wants to drive to and from work every day, there are clearly two suitable choices for you; SUV and Sedan.

SUVs Typically Provide More Space

Are you someone who has to transport stuff on daily basis? Do you like to go on weekly trips and want to take important equipment with you? If the answers to these questions are yes, you need an SUV.

You will notice that an SUV provides you with more space than a sedan. The available area is bigger than what is typically available in the trunk of a sedan. Additionally, you can create more storage space if you need some. You can easily fit roof racks, cargo carriers, and even bike racks to an SUV.

Bigger Height

SUVs tend to have a bigger height than sedans. You can get a full view of the road ahead. You can easily take a look at the road condition. It helps you to save your car from potholes or cracks on the road. This way, you can keep your car healthy for longer.

You get another advantage in the form of easy access to parking space. Due to a high position, it reduces your struggle for locating the perfect spot for the car. It saves you from stress that causes when searching for the perfect place.

More People Carrying Capacity

If you are a big family and carry more cargo space, a sedan will not be enough for you. It will also be a problem if you want to haul a lot of cargo.

Good news for you, SUVS comes with big passengers’ capacity. In general, you can find the seating capacity of around 6 passengers or more.

Fuel Efficiency

In the past SUVs were considered not good in terms of fuel economy, now they offer a more reasonable fuel economy.  An SUV can save a reasonable amount of fuel costs if you maintain your car properly.

They Are Reliable Partner for Off-Roading

If you are an adventure-seeking individual and generally go to rough terrains, you need a vehicle that is adventurous as you. Sedans have many benefits, but their adventurous capabilities are not good.

Generally, SUV models come with four-wheel drive. Usually, these vehicles have enough power to take on steepest roads. The traction control system in the SUVs maintains the traction with the surface when you go off-road.

Have More Towing Capability

SUVs come with better towing ability. It is in contrast to sedans which have limited towing capacity due to their low weight. SUVs, on the other hand, are designed to tow just about anything with ease. Especially, the mid-size and large SUVs are impressive in this regard.

Flood Survival

During the hurricane season, a flood can easily overrun a town or area and make the roads impassable. You may be on advantage if you have a car with a bigger height. An SUV provides puts you an advantage.  

Many SUVs have the ability to pass through shallow waters safely and without causing damage to the engine. However, you should consider your safety first before driving through the flood.  

Variety of Sizes

The buyers on the market have varying needs. Finding a perfect vehicle can be a daunting task if there is not enough variety available in the category. However, SUVs come in a number of sizes so the buyers can find the car of their choice easily. For smaller families, crossovers SUVs are available.  There are mid-size and large SUVs if you need more seating capacity and room for cargo. 

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