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Dec 18 2021

Your Car Has Scratches, Here's How To Overcome It


Your car is not always smooth. It could be parked somewhere that can cause scratches on your car. Stains or dirt that is not cleaned can cause scratches, Having a car that always looks clean and shiny is the dream of all car owners. Therefore, it is not uncommon for vehicle owners to always take care of their vehicle paint to keep it looking shiny and smooth. Detailing and Coating can indeed be the right solution in removing scratches or abrasions on the car body. But you also have a way that can be applied to treat scratches or abrasions. You can even use household tools to remove scratches or abrasions on your car.

Here are household tools that you can use to remove scuffs and scratches on your car.


You can use a chamois or a cloth with a soft surface. Apply a sufficient amount of toothpaste on the wetted surface of the cloth, then rub the cloth on the surface of the car beret. Rub the cloth in a circle so that it is evenly distributed over the entire area where the beret is.

Brake Fluid:

It turns out that scratches on the car body can also be removed by using brake fluid, you know. Simply pour enough brake fluid on a chamois or dry cloth, then apply it to the scratched area. After that, clean the area using water and a new dry cloth.

Ammonia Liquid:

Mix 15 ml of liquid ammonia with half a liter of water and mix well. After that, prepare a clean cloth with a soft texture and dip it in the mixture. Rub the cloth on the windshield that has scratches or minor scratches, then let the ammonia liquid absorb thoroughly.


For this method, you only need to prepare a clean cloth with a soft texture and also a polishing compound. You can start polishing the parts of your car that have scratches by using an adequate amount of compound. Try to rub the compound in one direction and evenly until the scratch disappears. Pay attention to the type of compound you use, generally in the market there are 2 compounds including a brown compound and a white compound. Fortunately, the problem with car scratches is using a white compound because it is smoother. Clean the car first, then dry it and apply the compound then rub gently with a soft cloth. When finished, rinse the compound thoroughly. After that, apply the car wax product that is used to make the car body shiny.


Remember don't use any sandpaper, use P2000 or P2500 sandpaper which has a fairly high level of fineness. Wet the sandpaper with a little water, this is done so as not to damage the paint surface on the car. After the scratched surface is gone and feels smooth, use a finishing wax to increase the color of the paint so it doesn't fade.

Boiling Water:

Use boiling water to help remove dents on the car. This is a powerful ancient technique and is widely used today on dented bumpers. You will need two saucepans, one with boiling water and the other with cold water. All you need to do is pour hot water over the dent so that the dented bumper becomes flexible enough that you can push it out of the way. Next, pour cold water over it to cool the area.


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