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How to properly maintain your car?


Given its acquisition cost, the car is a real investment that deserves special attention and care. To keep it as long as possible or resell it at the best price, you must ensure its regular maintenance. Here are our tips for maintaining your car.

Auto maintenance and repair, what are we talking about?

Maintaining and repairing your vehicle may seem like a high expense, but it is essential if you want to keep it in good condition for long time and protect it against breaking downs. Whether it’s changing windshield wipers or tires or checking that the vehicle is working properly and changing its parts before they break, you can go to your dealer, auto center or garage.

Engine maintenance:

 The maintenance book for your car provides for maintenance cycle which must be respected. Thus, the oil must be changed regularly so the engine remains efficient and does nor clog up . The regularity of the oil change varies according to the age of the car and the type of engine, but it must be carried out at least once a year and, for motorists who drive a lot, at least every 10,000 Km.

Which engine oil for my car?

Choosing the right engine oil makes it possible to derive all the advantages of your engine according to your needs; thus, 5W40 oil facilitates starting and gives the engine better performance, while protecting the catalytic converters. It is suitable for petrol or diesel vehicles, with direct injection. It is recommended for vehicles without a particulate filter, while those with DPF can use the 5W40.

Turbo injection vehicles that travel a lot will use 15W40 instead. This choice is all the more judicious as the oil changes are closer together.

Tire Change:

The tires are safety feature of the vehicle and must be changed regularly to maintain good handling and effective braking. Each tire has a wear indicator located in the grooves.

If the wear indicator appears at the same level as the worn tire, it is time to change it. Tire have a lifespan of 40,000 km on average it is possible to extend it.

  • By regularly checking that their pressure is in accordance with the use of the vehicle.
  • Stay within the load capacity of the tire.
  • By not driving fast
  • By swapping them regularly.

A used car with 100,000 Km will therefore have changed it tire twice. If the car has been in an accident, it may have a balancing problem which justifies changing the tires are more often, every 30,000 Km for example.

Overall, the new technical inspection should make it possible to detect any breakdown requiring a faster return to the garage.



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