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Second-Hand Cars for Sale in the Philippines: Advice for Used Car Buyers

Buying a car is a dream for many peoples. But, due to low budget, they cannot afford one. Second-hand cars can fulfill their dream as these cars are most affordable.  So, it is better to buy a 2nd hand car that comes at a cheaper price and high quality.

You are living in Manila or in any other city of Philippines, you can purchase used cars by dealing with a used car dealer. Even you can use cars under 100k in the Philippines if you are living there. You can find cheap second-hand cars by further research. Here are some steps for you to purchase second-hand cars for sale in the Philippines:


Do you want to purchase a used car? It is good if you have experience in buying, but you can visit many online car review sites to search for your desired car. There are many online portals that provide information about the cars. Get there and find information. You can find a suitable car for you.


Cars differ in the amenities and features they offer. They may seem same but there is a difference between them. Brands are a major difference. Many brands are known for something others may not. Decide which features you want in a car. It makes it easier for you to decide which brand to target. You can limit your search taking this into account.

It is also important for you to take a look at a car’s generation. Generation can give you a preview of its updates. It is important when you are targeting decades-old models. Some brands keep updating their models and it affects their performance. You can also take a look at the features available in trim levels.

Make Price Comparison

It is time to compare prices of the cars that you want to buy. It is important to consider how much it will cost you before making a final purchase. You can check prices on the website of a dealer like Zulfiqar Motors. Sign up and you can get access to used cars and their prices.

Prepare a Checklist

Depending on the car model that you are going to purchase, it is important to prepare a checklist of the cars that you want to purchase. You need to ask these questions to the dealer. You may ask about the history of the car.

Inspect the Car

Car inspection is one of the most important tasks that you need to take into account. Many people just get impressed by the looks a car, which is a mistake. Take interior, exterior, and other aspects of the car into account.

Checking the engine is especially important. Check for dust and grease. Check its oils. Pay special attention to the sound when the car starts.

Consider Dealer Options

Used car dealers offer equipment to include the purchase of a used car. These may include roof rails, tire covers, and entertainment systems. These may make your car shine, but it may increase the price of your car.  

Take a Test Drive

It is the most important point when you need to know if the car is yours or not. It is time for a test drive. Pay attention to sounds of the car and other signs when test driving a car.

Documents You Need to Check When Buying a 2nd Hand Car

Original copy of Certificate of Vehicle Registration (CR)

You need to have a certificate of motor registration that shows that vehicle you are going to purchase is already registered. It is issued by Land Transportation Office. You may know that you won’t be able to register a vehicle if you have unpaid fees and unsettled police reports. This document shows if the vehicle is clean.

Original receipt of registration (OR)

When you register your car, it comes with a receipt. It should also match with vehicle registration certificate, like date of registration. Like the certificate, you can check its validity by contacting the Land Transportation Officer.

You need to reconsider your buying decision in the absence of OR and CR.

Original LTO Plate Number

The original LTO number plates should be the same as attached to the vehicle that you want to buy.

Notarized Deed of Sale

You should have a deed of sale ready when buying the car, so you could proceed with the transaction. 

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