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Sep 23 2020

What are the Benefits of Coating on a New Car


You are planning to buy a car in the wake of the Corona wreck. If this is your first car, you can understand the feeling of wanting to keep it clean and easy to wash. As the questioner, I think it makes sense to coat when you buy a new car and park in the blue sky without a roof. Although the body is "painted", it gets dirty with dust, soot, mud, sand, pollen, exhaust gas, insects, and bird droppings. After it rains, the rainwater on the body may be dirty. Ultraviolet rays also damage. Not to mention while driving, if you park in the blue sky without a garage and nobody cover, you will continue to be adversely affected all the time.

Coatings play an active role in these situations. It is often thought that the work is done to make the car look more beautiful and graceful, but the original role of the coating is to protect the paint as a "sacrificial film". Is it easy to understand that the sacrificial coating is like wrapping the body in a transparent wrap?

When a new car is used, there is not much dirt, water stains, or pain, We recommend that you ask an experienced craftsman who has the skill to polish (polish) beautifully by thoroughly and carefully removing dirt and mastering the electric polisher. There are various coating agents, but the most important one is said to be the surface treatment.

Also, once coated, many people expect that the effect will last for many years, but instead of painting, the coating layer (coating) receives dirt and pain, so eventually, The effect will fade. It is natural to think that the condition did not "coat off" but protected it from various damages. It's a good idea to keep in mind that the duration of the effect will vary depending on how the car is used.

The effect of the coating is not semi-permanent. Reconstruction is required to keep it easy to clean continuously. It depends on the frequency of use of the car and the parking situation, but one guideline is to consider re-construction at the timing of the vehicle inspection once every two years. For those who are reluctant to apply expensive coating from the beginning, consult a pro shop whether a trial plan that is reasonable and has a short effect period or partial coating such as headlights and wheels instead of the entire body is possible There is also a method.

Finally, there is something you definitely want to do in post-coating care. Do not leave dead insects or bird droppings, and deal with them when you notice them. If left untreated, it will stick and lead to fatal damage. Be careful when using a car cleaner as it may dissolve the coating film.

Even if it is not visibly dirty, wash the car about once a month and wipe off the water thoroughly. Tap water contains impurities such as sodium and magnesium, so if you dry the water without wiping it off, the impurities will cause stains. The part where water flows well is prone to darkening, so be sure to wipe it off. Also, I think that there are many people who wash the car on a sunny day, but it is not optimal because the water dries easily. Wash the car on a cloudy day and wipe off the water.

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