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How to Import Japanese Used Cars to Ghana?

Japanese used cars are famous all over the world. It is mostly due to low price with reliability and durability of these cars. Many countries of the world import Japanese cars. The popularity of these cars can be observed on the roads of many countries.  

Japanese cars are also popular on African Continent. Many African countries import these cars to fulfill their transport needs. Ghana is an African country where people also like to import these cars. Import of Japanese used cars to Ghana is easier. Here is how to import Japanese used cars to Ghana.

  • Find a Supplier

You need to find a supplier if you want to export Japanese used cars in Ghana. You can find many suppliers online. Many used cars exporters have their own web portals where they make it easy for their customer to reach them.  

You need to make it sure that the supplier you choose is reliable. You may find many suppliers but choose the one who has proven record. You can search for user forums and communities and get more information about them. The best way is to ask their past customers and ask them about their experience with the supplier. It is important because you need to get what you pay for.

  • Choose Your Car

You may have chosen your car for now. You may have considered your needs and requirement when making a decision. Budget is a major factor when making a decision about the car. But, you can choose your desired car now if you have not made a decision yet. You can select your desired car in the stock of Japanese used cars exporter. You can check a variety of cars and their specifications. By comparing cars with each other you can make a good decision.  

  • Order and Payment

If you have made your choice, it is time to order. Ordering the car online is easier. Just order the car and you will receive an invoice. Pay the amount in your local bank account so it is transferred to their bank account in Japan. You will then receive a receipt for your payment. Send it to your supplier in Japan. Once they receive the receipt shipping process can be started.

  • Shipping

Shipping process can be started after your supplier receives the payment. It depends on the conditions agreed between you and your supplier. Your vehicle will reach in a few weeks.

  • Port Clearance

You need to get your vehicle cleared off the after it reaches the port. Provide necessary fees and documents to your clearing agent so your vehicle can be cleared.

Import Rules and Regulations

Shipping Ports:

Japanese used cars can be imported through the ports of Port Tema and port of Takoradi.

Age Restriction:

Like many other used car importing countries Ghana has also age restriction for used cars. Cars older than 10 years cannot be imported in Ghana. Over 10 years old used cars require penalty and a graduated duty. It depends on the year of manufacturer.

Left-Hand Drive:

Ghana allows only left-hand drive vehicle in the country, except some special vehicles like ambulances.

Documents Required:

Car importer/ dealer will provide the following documents and information to the commissioner of CEPS.

  • Certificate of Title and Registration
  • The home delivery value of the used car
  • The year of manufacture
  • Original Bill of Lading
  • International Driver's License
  • Customs Form C. 12/SAD
  • Purchase Invoice & Insurance Policy - original
  • The name and address of the manufacturer of the used car 

Japanese used cars are famous for their durability and high quality. These cars are imported in many countries of the world including Ghana. Import of Japanese used cars in Ghana is easier. Find a reliable supplier, Order the car and it will be delivered to your desired location. 

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