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Main Cause of Car AC Not Cold


The mainstay feature of a car is air conditioning or an air conditioner. Car air conditioning is indispensable, especially for countries with tropical climates. This feature is usually always used by car owners for driving comfort. Because it is often used, it is proper that this device is properly cared for so that it works optimally and its components are more durable. You should do intensive maintenance and regular checks on the air conditioner. If not treated, your car's air conditioner may not be cold and hot. The cause of the car air conditioner is not cold, it seems that it really needs to be considered, especially for those of you who often move around using this four-wheeled vehicle. When you have to drive a car in the summer but the car air conditioner is not cold, you will definitely feel stifling inside, right? AC problems seem to be experienced by various types of cars and are certainly the most common problem.

Here are some causes of the car air conditioner not cold or damaged that you need to know:

Dirty Condenser:

The cause of the car air conditioner is not cold, the first thing we will discuss is a dirty condenser. The condenser itself functions as a heat sink released by the compressor. For this reason, this section does require regular cleaning, in order to keep dust and dirt from sticking to each side. Well, if it is not cleaned regularly, what will happen is that the condenser will become dirty, dusty, rusty, and the heat dissipation process is not perfect. As a result, hot air will be trapped and be one of the causes of the car air conditioner not being cold.

AC Filter Clogged:

A clogged AC filter is also one of the causes of a car air conditioner not being cold. Because this AC filter has a function in filtering out all the dust and dirt contained in the air conditioner. Meanwhile, clogged AC filters are generally caused by not being cleaned regularly so that dirt sticks to the filter surface, and the resulting air circulation will also not be optimal. Even though the air conditioner is still in good condition but the filter is dirty and clogged, it is certain that the air conditioner will not want to and as if it doesn't work.

Compressor Broken:

Damaged compressors can generally be marked with black sight glass. Well, this blackened sight glass is also a sign that the expansion valve or receiver dryer is blocked, which can cause damage. If this happens, the solution you can do is to repair or replace the compressor with a new one.

Extra Fan Motor Off:

To find out, you can check the extra fan in front of the condenser is still rotating or not when the car is started. If it doesn't spin, it can be ascertained that the extra fan is damaged. Please note that a damaged or non-rotating extra fan can affect the condensation process not running optimally. As a result, when the extra fan is off, there will be a decrease in the temperature in the car. That is the cause of the car air conditioner not being cold.

Magnetic Clutch Broken:

When the magnetic clutch is damaged or broken, the spool can be burned which makes the centerpiece not connected to the compressor pulley. This can also be one of the causes of the car air conditioner not being cold. To find out, you can check and see if the AC compressor is not working but the fanbelt is still working.

Dirty Evaporator:

The biggest enemy of the evaporator is dust. So, this dust can be the main cause of the evaporator being dirty. If this happens, then the circulation of the air conditioner is not smooth because something is blocking it. The dust or dirt in the evaporator is dust that cannot be filtered out by the filter, or it may be due to the accumulation of dirt in the filter section that has been increasing. When the evaporator is dirty, the air circulation that is released into the cabin becomes less cold. Just like the filter, the evaporator also needs to be cleaned regularly. But generally, it is better to clean the evaporator if it is done every three to four months. That way, dirt or dust will not stick and cause blockages. Not a few people feel that their car air conditioner has problems. These problems will certainly be quite disturbing. Especially if the weather conditions force us to need a good car air conditioner.

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