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How Long do hybrid Car Batteries Last?


There are many misconceptions that hybrid car batteries don’t last longer after you buy a hybrid vehicle and there is also second myth that hybrid car batteries are very expensive to replace. But the first myths about hybrid car don’t have any reality. The Electric Car Battery Manufacturers Companies claims about long hybrid car batteries life and optimum performance from 80,000 to 100,000 miles. The second myth about price of hybrid car batteries might be true. The cost of the battery could be start from 2,000 to 3,000 dollar. However there is also option of used hybrid car batteries which can cost you around for 500 dollar with many years of lifespan still left.

There are many factors which aid to increase the lifespan of the hybrid car battery and in this article we will discuss here 6 of them.

Top 6 Factors of a Hybrid Car Batteries Lifespan:

1 Driving Time:

Hybrid car batteries are rechargeable just like the batteries in other devices i.e. cell phones; therefore they have specific lifespan to give its peak performance. If you limit the driving time then you will be able to extend the life of the hybrid car battery because if you have increased driving time then it will require to recharge battery more frequently then there will come a point where the hybrid car battery capacity to hold current will be reduced and when it reaches near to its end of lifespan it will not hold any current.

2 Climate:

Although the hybrid car battery size is huge as compared to traditional car batteries, these heavy duty batteries are still affected by the external environment like hot or cold weathers. It is noticed that the cold weather reduce 30% of the capacity of the battery. However extreme hot weather damages the internal structure of the battery, the battery temperature also get increased when it go for charging phase and when the battery take full load of the vehicle.

3 Warranties:

The warranty is an indicator of how long your battery will last, the longer the warranty gives indication that the hybrid car battery will last longer when you purchase the hybrid vehicle. Car dealers are certainly not going to give a warranty on the hybrid car battery unless they are sure that it will last longer than the duration they have to customer in warranty. These batteries are very expensive, so they obviously don’t cover the replacement of battery in the warranty.

4 Proper Charging:

 Many people don’t realize that keep the battery at 100%, it will consume faster when you put load on the battery. And if you are the type of driver who don’t care about the charging level of the battery and let the battery to level down to 20% before recharging, it could cause permanent damage to the battery. Mostly auto companies recommended keeping the power level of the battery between 20% to 80%.

5 Used Battery:

Be careful while purchasing the used hybrid battery, you even don’t know how much it was used and where if come from. The average lifespan of the battery cut in half when you replace your vehicle battery with the used battery. Therefore keep in mind these factors while purchasing the used hybrid car battery.

6 Erratic Driving:

If you drive the hybrid vehicle aggressively and have habit of taking off quickly then it will put heavy load on the battery and cause severe damage to the car battery. But if you use the hybrid vehicle in safe speed and increase acceleration slowly then it will extend your car battery life.


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