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May 06 2019

7 Signs Your Vehicle Needs a Check-Up

Toyota Warning Lights

If you feel that your vehicle is behaving strangely and making unusual sounds, it is time for a tune-up. You should pay attention to these signs as these may indicate bigger problems with your car. Here are 7 signs your vehicle needs a check-up.

  • Warning Lights

Those indicating lights on the dashboard are there for some reason. They are there to indicate potential problems with the vehicle.  Do not ignore these warning lights and when they illuminate get them diagnosed as soon as possible. They could be indicating problem of minor level to the more serious issues like transmission failure. Paying attention to little problems can help you avoid bigger and costlier problem down the road.

  • Stalling

Stalling is another major sign that requires your attention. If your vehicle stalls once, it may not seem a big deal. But if it stalls at pivotal moments like busy intersections, or on highway you may find yourself in a dangerous situation. Staling can happen due to many reasons like bad spark plug or a clogged oil filter. These issues can be prevented and treated with regular maintenance. Due to its potential dangers, you should do everything to make sure your vehicle is in good working condition.

  • Difficulty Starting the Engine

If you face difficulty starting the engine, it could be due to a number of problems. If you vehicle won’t start when you need it to, or if it takes several turns before it starts, it could be due to problem with your vehicle. It could be a defective starter that is not allowing your vehicle to turn over. You can replace what is causing trouble with new parts. Alternatively, it could be a weak battery and many others.  

  • Reduced Fuel Mileage

If you feel like you are visiting the gas station more frequently even though you are doing the same distance.  That means you are getting few miles from a gallon of gas. It is up to you to determine why it is happening so. The fuel economy of your car depends on many factors including the efficiency of your emission system, smooth operation of your engine, and your driving style.  This problem could be like improper tires pressure, poor wheel alignment and many others.  As it indicates many problems, it is necessary that you take your car for a tune-up when you notice a decline in fuel mileage.

  • Soft or Noisy Brakes

Brakes are important for a vehicle. They need to be strong and functional to be effective. Brakes are supposed to bring you to a stop quietly, without too much exertion. If you are feeling rhythmic vibration when braking there is a good chance there is something wrong. In the same way, if the brake pad that used to be ‘soft’ now requires a lot of leg power it means it requires the attention of an auto repair professional. Some problems could be solved by simply replacing brake pads, rotors and brake fluid.

  • Strange or Unusual Noises

Are you hearing any strange or unusual noises when you drive your vehicle? Some of them may be non-dangerous but many of these sounds indicate problems with your vehicle. For example, the squealing sound could be an indication of low fluids. A vehicle is moved with a series of interrelated moving parts which work jointly to remain functional. When one of the parts gets damaged and start making a noise, it may get worsen until taken care of.  

  • Leaning steering

When driving down a car straight down a highway, relax your grip on steering wheel for a moment. Observe the behavior of your vehicle. Is your car going straight gently or does it list gently in one direction or the other? As expected, your vehicle goes straight if it is not being steered. If it does not go straight, that indicate your vehicle wheels are out of alignment. As we know that out of alignment wheels are not good for the fuel economy and your ability to handle the vehicle.

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