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Main Cause of Car Brakes Problems


Car brakes when stepped on should feel solid and not slack. Because braking itself is one of the most important safety systems in a car. Without a braking system that works properly, driving a car on the road will be less safe and comfortable. Things that interfere with the braking system such as brake failure will of course pose a very high risk when driving. One of them is the occurrence of traffic accidents. In addition to crucial disturbances such as brake failure, there are several other disorders that may not be too vital in nature. One of them is the brakes sound when stepped on. Even though this condition is not too serious, it doesn't mean that as an owner, you will ignore it. If this disturbance is allowed, the sound of the brakes will interfere with driving comfort. To overcome this, you need to know some of the causes of the brakes sounding when stepped on. This is the cause:

Thin Brake Pads:

There is a noise when the brake pedal is stepped on, it can be caused by several reasons. But usually this problem is caused by something wrong with the brake pads. Brake lining is a component that has a shape like a bearing. The function of the brake lining itself is to slow down or stop the rotating disc. When the brake pads are thin, the brake discs will rub against each other with the metal parts of the brake pads. When you step on the brake pedal, a squeaking sound occurs.

Dirty Disc Brakes:

The cause of a car brake sound when stepped on next is due to dirt stuck to the brake disc. There are times when dirt such as dirt or dust that accumulates on the brake disc will make disc and pad performance less than optimal. As a result, the brakes will squeak when the car brake pedal is stepped on. The solution to this problem, of course, is to clean the dirt on the brake discs. Make sure there is no more dirt or dust that reduces brake disc motion.

Less Lubricated Brake Pedal:

In addition to the lining and brake discs, the cause of the brake sound when stepped on can also be caused by the components inside the cabin itself. Precisely on the brake pedal itself which lacks lubricant. To solve this problem you only need to lubricate the car's brake pedal with lubricating oil.

Got Oil Spill:

Oil that drips and hits the brake disc can also make a car brake sound when you step on it. In addition to the sound, the other impact is that the brakes become less grippy and make the brakes slippery. As a result, the grip of the brake lining on the disc is not optimal. If this is left too long, then this condition can cause a hazard to the safety of the passengers in it. Therefore, it's a good idea to immediately clean the oil stuck to the brake disc. The existence of the brake lining itself is the most important part of the braking system. Therefore, its condition also needs to be monitored regularly. These brake pads are located near the wheels and also have a very crucial function in the car's braking system. In fact, brake linings themselves have a lifespan. When the condition of the brake lining shows that it will run out, then you as a car owner need to replace it as soon as possible. You must know the function of the brake lining:

1. Easier Braking:

The function of the first brake lining is to be able to make braking the car easier. Brake pads can make the braking process smooth and good. When you apply sudden braking, these brake pads will help you so as not to cause unwanted events. When pressing the brakes, the canvas will press on the disc brakes and will make the car tires slowly stop according to whether or not you press the brake pedal hard.

2. Easier Brake Adjustment:

Brake pads are useful for helping better braking performance. Especially when the car is moving fast and wants to stop suddenly. The braking system will definitely be needed to be able to stop. In addition, the speed of the car will also be affected by the brake lining. As a driver, of course you want your car to have an easy level of control. And with the brake pads, your car will be easier to fully control and won't cause any significant problems.

3. Go Through Many Roads with Ease:

When you are driving on a road that is quite difficult, then the role of this brake lining is very important. Whether it's a downhill or uphill road, you will definitely need a braking system to get through it. When the road is uphill, these brake pads will hold the car when the road is quite crowded and will make the car's acceleration decrease. Likewise when passing through the derivatives. To be able to control the car perfectly, you must often step on the pedal and use the brakes. The importance of this brake lining needs to be accompanied by regular maintenance, if the lining needs to be replaced then replace it immediately to avoid things that are not desirable. Hope it is useful.

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