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Main Causes of Full Scratches on Car Window


Good driver visibility will be largely determined by the condition of the windshield. If something happens to the windshield of the car like a scratch, it will definitely disturb the concentration of vision going forward. Although it looks trivial, actually the windshield of the car also needs maintenance to avoid scratches. Usually, car owners are lazy to take care of the windshield of the car so that scratches occur

There are at least two main causes of scratching on your windshield:

1. Wiper Rubber:

The condition of the wiper rubber that starts to break is often left by car owners. Because the pressure of each wiper and the condition of the rubber is hard and damaged, when used, it is very possible to scratch your windshield. It could also be that the wiper rubber iron rod for the wiper that still uses the iron frame hits the windshield, causing scratches. If you feel that the wiper rubber is starting to harden or there are signs of brittleness, it's a good idea to replace it with a new one immediately.

2. Poop:

The condition of the windshield that is full of dust and dirt is often left unattended. A very dirty windshield will be prone to scratching the windshield. Dirt and dust that stick to it and when swept away by the wiper can make fine even deep scratches. Worse yet, if the wiper is active and the air washer is not sprayed, it is possible that the windshield may be scratched due to dry conditions. It's a good idea to clean the windshield of the car before use. Or after the car has been left for a long time and full of dust, clean it with water. However, it's a good idea to pay attention to the car window. Because the windshield, especially the windshield, is one of the determinants of driving comfort. If the windshield is scratched, it will certainly interfere with driving activities.

Here's how to properly care for car windows:

1. Clean the Glass If It Gets Dirt:

If the glass is exposed to dry dust, do not clean the glass using a fine duster (chicken feather). We recommend using a clean dry cloth or cloth made of soft. This can prevent fine scratches on the glass. If the glass is exposed to dust or wet soil, flush it with enough clean water first to remove dirt from the glass, then wipe it with a soft cloth or dry cloth to dry. If the glass is exposed to rain, flush it with clean water first, because it is feared that rainwater contains acids that can damage the vehicle's glass structure, after that wipe it with a clean dry cloth or soft cloth until dry.

2. Check Wiper Condition:

Regularly check the condition of the wiper of the vehicle, because if the wiper is damaged it will result in scratches on the glass. Replace the wipers that are damaged, which generally have signs such as the rubber is not flexible, there are cracks in the rubber, and if used it does not sweep the water perfectly. Do not operate the wiper when the glass is dry, especially if the glass is dusty or dirty, as this will result in fine scratches on the glass. If you are going to use a wiper, spray enough wiper fluid first. Regularly check the contents of the wiper fluid tank to ensure fluid is always available. To maintain the condition of the wiper rubber so that it does not get damaged quickly and maintain the condition of the glass, you should lift the wiper arm when the vehicle is parked for a long time, especially if it is in the hot sun.

3. Check for Residual Glass Cleaner Inside and Outside:

If using glass cleaner, make sure the remaining liquid is wiped clean, don't let it get left and dry on its own on the glass, this can cause damage to the glass. Types of damage caused by lagging glass cleaner include damage to the glass structure, chipping of ceramic on the glass, blurring of the glass, peeling off of the defogger, mold build-up, and so on.

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