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Seven Tips When Buying Used Cars in Philippines

Many people want to buy a new car. They want to have a luxurious car with every facility and equipment. Some people prefer other things. But, not everyone can buy a new car. It is where used cars are the best choice.  Used cars offer cheap solutions to your needs. They come at a significantly low price with many benefits. Even many cars are equipped with advanced safety features that you can find in many new cars.

Buying used cars in the Philippines is common. Because not everyone can afford new cars, it is good to buy used cars. Japanese used cars are reliable options when buying used cars. These cars are famous in the cities especially Subic, Cebu and many others Many Japanese used cars importers are working in the Philippines that can make it easier to buy a used Japanese car. Car shipping companies are also working in the Philippines. 

No doubt used cars are great for you. But, you need to consider some tips when buying used cars in the Philippines:

Do Your Homework

It is now clear that you have decided to buy a used car. But, which car you want to buy? You need to do proper research before buying a used car. Seeing too many cars in the lot you would like to buy a car with a lush condition. But, it is wise to do research first. There are many online tools and websites available where you can choose a good car for yourself. Choose a model that is suitable for you.


You may think that every car is same in features, which is not true. Many cars may offer a different experience that others may not. It depends mostly on the brand that you are going to buy. So, it is better to get information about the brands before making a good choice.

Price Comparison

Making the comparison of your prospective cars is one of the best ways to make a good choice. Before paying it is better to set your budget. If you have finalized a few models that you want to buy; it is time to make the comparison of those models. Pricing plays a major role when buying cars. You need to take into account overall cost of your car. Take repairs into account that may increase the price. 

You can check prices online. Online buying has an advantage as you can meet other buyers and know about their opinions.

Prepare a Checklist

If you have enough knowledge about the car it is time to make a list of questions that you need to ask the dealer. You need to make it sure that you are making the best deal. So, prepare a list of questions. Get information about vehicle history and past owners. 

Features are Important

Car features are options that you need to take into account. You need to assess the availability of following features like lighting system, security alarm, and trim-specific elements. You can include many other features that you like. You may regret later by not checking these features in your car.

Consider the Extra Options Offered to You

Many dealers offer extra options to make your experience better. However, these may increase the price of your car. It is better to consider if these are worth the price or not.

Test Drive and Haggle

Many buyers ignore this but it is important. By test driving your car, you can get to know the car better. Pay attention to car voices to know if anything is wrong. Taking into account a vehicle’s condition, you can make an assessment that car is good or bad.

After you have finalized everything it is time to bargain. Do it in a good way to get the best deal for yourself.

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