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Oct 21 2021

The Main Cause of Diesel Engine Declining


Diesel-engined cars must be recognized as less environmentally friendly than gasoline engines. where the automotive market still applies the Euro 2 exhaust emission standard for this type of engine. Nevertheless, diesel cars still have their own fan base. The reason is, its character is much higher, especially in terms of torque. Diesel engines that are known for being tough can also be less powerful. If this happens, the origin of the problem is between the fuel filter system, the distribution system, or the combustion chamber. There are five causes that make diesel engines less powerful. All of that happens especially in conventional diesel engines, not those with common rail technology.

1. Solar Filter:

Dirty diesel filters, thereby reducing the flow rate and volume of fuel required. The engine finally lacks the fuel mixture and the power production from the runway is not optimal. Dirty diesel filters also hinder the filtering process. In addition, these impurities can enter the injection pump, then cause problems with the injection pressure. Indications of a problematic diesel filter can be seen from the water separator indicator light that lights up for no apparent reason.

2. Solar Pressure Pump:

The diesel pressure pump is located in the diesel filter or near the injection pump. The purpose of this component is to suck fuel from the tank. Underpowered diesel cars can be caused by the weakening of the diesel pressure pump, so that its distribution to the combustion chamber does not match the required amount. Finally, the mixing of fuel with air is not ideal. The power produced by the machine is not optimal. You should suspect that the diesel pressure pump is weak if the engine is difficult to start in the morning.

3. Injection Pump:

The injection pump is a component that passes fuel to each injector. When the pressure is reduced or even exceeds what it should be, the diesel engine will certainly have problems and lack power. An easy sign of a problematic injection pump is thick black smoke coming out of the exhaust.

4. Injection Timing:

Although rare, the value and position of the injection timing can change and become inaccurate, thus affecting the combustion process and power production. Injection timing itself is the moment when the injector opens the nozzle to spray fuel. One indication of a problematic injection timing is a puff of black smoke from the exhaust.

5. Combustion Chamber Compression Pressure:

The source of the last problem is the compression pressure of the engine combustion chamber which is too low, so that the car's performance becomes sluggish. In fact, what is needed is quite high, which is about 30 kgm. In comparison, the compression required by a gasoline engine is only 10-11 kgm. However, there are several advantages of diesel-engined cars over gasoline engines, namely efficiency in fuel consumption because diesel engines have greater heat efficiency. In addition, diesel engines are known to be more durable or durable, and the torque released by diesel engine cars is greater. This is the reason why several sole agent brands (ATPM) maintain the use of diesel engines as one of their productions. It's just that, even though it is known to be tough, you still have to be diligent in doing regular maintenance so that the diesel engine remains durable and long lasting.

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