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Nov 25 2019

Tesla Cybertruck: a failure for Elon Musk during the presentation


On stage, Elon Musk wanted to show the strength of the new Tesla pickup. But one of the demonstrations did not work out as planned!

The spirit of Patrice Carmouze or Jerome Bonaldi seemed to float over Los Angeles, where  Tesla unveiled the Cybertruck. As always, Elon Musk performed on stage to present the amazing pickup.

The iconic boss has particularly focused on one of the characteristics of the Cybertruck, its strength. Elon Musk, for example, described the material of the bodywork: "It is an ultra-resistant stainless steel alloy that we have developed.

 We will use the same alloy for the space rocket". The businessman explained that the Cybertruck can withstand gunshots, with bullets up to 9mm.

And so he joined the act to the words, massing the doors. Then he tested the glazing by simulating a stone throw. But the driver's window broke! Not a thousand pieces happily, but a hole was formed.

Elon Musk kept smiling, pronouncing a nice "Oh my fucking god", saying that he had gone maybe a little strong. He will have time to have the model corrected because production is not planned until 2021!

The failure during a car presentation is not new. We remember Volvo, who wanted to prove the effectiveness of the emergency braking of the previous S60 ... but the car did not stop! Earlier this year, at the Detroit Auto Show, the Infiniti QX Inspiration concept broke down before going on stage.

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