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Dec 18 2019

Nissan New Car Rush Begin, Company will Launch 5 New Models in FY2020


Nissan new car rush begins. Nissan has been very slow to launch new models in the domestic market of the Japan, such as zero new cars in 2018 and only one new day in 2019, but Makato Uchida and new head of the company announced that they will introduce 5 new models in Japan in FY 2020.

The company has not given any detailed information to its affiliated dealers, but the production of the Juke and Cube has been discontinued from October to November 2019, and production adjustments for mini car Days Rooks are begin carried out by the end of the year. There is also a rumor of the release of the model and full model change.

As for the full model change Schedule in 2020, Days Lukes is expected to be March, Note = August, X- Trail = November, New model in June = Kix, and December = New electric car.

Based on the latest information obtained by dealers, we will follow the outline by car type.

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