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Feb 27 2020

3 Symptoms of a Bad Water Pump


The internal combustion engine generates power from small blasts that occur in the combustion chamber, these blasts push the piston backwards and hence it causes to and fro motion of the piston-powered the whole vehicle but these spontaneously occurring small blasts produce a lot of heat which can permanently damage the engine. Fortunately, automakers equipped the vehicle with the water pump, circulates the water or coolant throughout the engine to reduce the temperature of the vehicle. But if the water pump stops working due to many reasons it could ruin the engine permanently.

In this article, we will discuss the 3 most common symptoms of a bad water pump, so that you can gain knowledge and if you ever stuck in a situation of having bad water pump, you will be able to understand the symptoms early and take precautions to prevent serious damage.

Symptoms of a Bad Water Pump:

(1) Elevated Coolant Temperature:

The overheating of the engine is the presenting symptom of the bad water pump, which is indicated by high temperature on a gauge or engine temperature warning light turns on. The normal water pump reduces the temperature of the engine by circulating coolant or water inside the engine, so bad water pump failed to circulate the fluid in the engine it allows the temperature of the engine to rise and surpass unsafe levels. Note that the engine temperature light turns on only when temperature of the engine is already at dangerous level, therefore, it is best to monitor temperature gauge and if you find your vehicle is working at higher temperature and pass the gauge needle its normal operating temperature position, stop the car immediately and take it to mechanic for detailed inspection.

(2) Radiation Steam:

Steam coming out from the bonnet is also an indication of a bad water pump while the vehicle is moving or stopped. It means that the engine is overheated due to the water pump is not functioning properly and failed to circulate water or coolant through the radiator to cool down the fluid that is why evaporation occurs. When you see steam coming from the bonnet, immediately stops the vehicle because driving with an overheating engine will cause an engine to seize up.

(3) Unusual Sounds:

Unusual sounds from the bonnet produce mostly because of the loose timing accessory belt (which gets power from the pulley of the crankshaft) due to worn out bearings or loose pulley but if the bearings of the water pump are worn out then it will be needed to replace entirely. Another common reason for water pump failure is that the assessor belt is too tight; if you have enough skills to replace the water pump at home then it is best for you to purchase the belt tension gauge to ensure the tension of the belt is in safe limits. If the whining, buzzing or squealing noises increases as the car accelerate then it is best for you to inspect your vehicle by a mechanic.


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