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4 Basic Tips for Maintaining Your Car


Whether it's a purchase or a rental, you have a vehicle to maintain so that it stays in good condition and follows you for a long time. Here are some simple maintenance tips you can do yourself to keep your car on the road longer.

1. Take a Look at the Oil:

Keeping the oil at the right level and performing regular oil changes is a smart way to keep your car on the road.

  • The engine is made of moving parts. Engine oil is not just used to lubricate these parts; it acts as a detergent and an oxidation inhibitor, it reduces friction, it facilitates the diffusion of heat, it absorbs heat and it helps prevent overheating.

Do not ignore the oil light when it comes on it.

  • Use the grade of oil recommended by the manufacturer.
  • If you don't know how to fill the oil tank, go to a gas station and have the attendant do it for you.
  • Check your user's guide for the oil change schedule and don't miss these important appointments.

2. Take Care of the Tires:

Keeping the tires in good condition is essential to driving your vehicle safely.

  • If the tire pressure warning light comes on, immediately go to a gas station to inflate the tires.
  • The guide tells you the correct PSI (recommended pressure for your tires).
  • When it's cold, be sure to check your tire pressure every two weeks.

If the tires wear out in the same places, you have a clear indication that the wheel alignment or suspension needs service.

  • If the flywheel vibrates, the tires may need to be balanced.
  • Rotate the tires regularly to ensure durability.

3. Watch Out for Other Liquids:

Besides oil, your car needs other fluids to keep running.

  • Be sure to regularly check the coolant level and refill the reservoir when required.
  • Before winter, check the level of the antifreeze.
  • The washer fluid reservoir should always be full and you should have an additional container in your trunk for emergencies.

4. Drive Carefully:

It might sound obvious, but driving with care can extend the life of your car… and yours!

  • If you accelerate sharply when starting up, it can wear the car even more. You should therefore allow your car to warm up in cold weather before setting off.
  • If you are driving an automatic car, gradually accelerate when the traffic light turns green - this is not a race!
  • If you drive an automatic car, put the lever in neutral at red light to let the engine rest.

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