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Nov 12 2021

5 Mandatory Car Maintenance That Is Often Forgotten


As a car driver, of course you want your car to last for a long time. To ensure that the car remains of high value and comfortable to drive, car users must carry out regular car maintenance, either personally or by regular service to an authorized workshop. In regular car maintenance, in addition to checking the wind pressure and the legs, before starting the trip, of course we must check the components contained in the car engine room when carrying out routine car maintenance. Because if we ignore checking in the engine room, it's not impossible that we will get into trouble on the road. Indeed, if we do a car engine room inspection during regular car maintenance, of course we will need a bit of time to do a thorough check. But fortunately, not all components in a car's engine room need to be inspected every day. Of the many components found in the car engine room, there are only four that must be checked every day. Anything? Let's see below.

Check Car Engine Oil Condition:

Carry out regular car maintenance, don't forget to check the car engine oil. The best time to check your car's engine oil is when the engine is still cold, aka when the engine is off. Why so? Because when the engine is off, the oil is in a normal position, so we can clearly know how much oil volume is left. Check that the oil is within the limit of the indicator on the tip of the dipstick. If the oil is far enough below the "Full" mark, then you have to add until it is full. But if the oil is between the tip of the dipstick and full, then the oil volume is still quite sufficient.

Car Transmission Oil Check:

During periodic maintenance of the car on the transmission oil section, the method is almost the same as checking car engine oil. Friends just look for a dipstick with the label "Transmission". Perform the same steps as checking engine oil. You can check if the automatic transmission oil is still clean and there are no metal flakes. If dirt or metal debris is found, you should immediately take the car to a repair shop for further handling.

Radiator Water Check:

The next thing to check when doing regular car maintenance is the radiator water volume. To check it, just look at the water level in the reserve tube (reservoir).  Do not fill the radiator water until it exceeds the "Full" limit because it causes water to not be sucked into the cooling system. On modern engines, it is best not to open the radiator cap. The reason is, on certain machines, air bubbles in the cooling system can make the engine overheat. You can also read Car Engine Overheated on the Road? Do This Immediately!  During routine car maintenance, you can also see the condition of the two terminals and check for dirt and rust. If there is rust, then these corroded parts need to be cleaned with sandpaper or a wire brush.

Valve Adjustment:

Routine car maintenance that is often forgotten is valve adjustment. Every car has a valve or valve that functions to regulate the circulation of combustion gases to and from the engine. More and more new cars are now using automatic valve lifters, so there is no need to adjust the valve. However, for a car with a lifter that is still a mechanical system, it is the lifter of the valve that requires regular checks and also some adjustments if needed. If routine maintenance of this one car is neglected, its function will not be maintained so that it can affect engine performance.

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