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7 Signs You Need to Visit a Mechanic

It is easy to perform some car repairs yourself, but some tasks are too complex that you require specialized knowledge or necessary tools to perform them. Even it can be dangerous if you try to do them yourself. In this case, it makes sense to visit an experienced mechanic. Here are 7 signs you need to book a service.

  • Engine Warning Light

Modern cars come with a large number of sensors which monitor the performance of the systems of the car. The engine warning light comes on if there is a problem with the car and it will appear on the dashboard. Do not worry; just take your car to a nearest garage to diagnose what the issue is.

  • Smoke or Steam coming from under the Bonnet

You may experience smoke or steam coming from under the bonnet.  But, it should not be problematic for you. First, look at the color of the smoke or steam.

If it is white steam, your car is probably just overheating. In order to confirm this, take a look at your car’s temperature gauge. If it is at its maximum, pull over and wait for your car to cool down before you resume your journey. Although, is not a critical problem, it is better to contact with your mechanic.

However, if you notice blue smoke, stop your vehicle immediately and make arrangements to take it to a nearest garage. Blue smoke is the sign of burning oil and it can significantly damage your engine.

  • Steering and Suspension Problems

Problems related to steering can be dangerous as your car won’t perform as you expect during an emergency. So, you need to see and experienced mechanic as soon as possible. The common steering problems include increased difficulty when steering, steering wheel pulling to the left or right, premature wear on tyres and so on. It is recommended to see a mechanic as soon as you notice a problem.

  • Leaks

Your car uses a number of fluids to continue its movement on the road. These fluids are known as fuel, oil, coolant, etc. Saying otherwise, if you notice any fluids leaking from your car, it is time to take your car to a nearest repair shop. It may save you a lot of money in terms of money in repairs.

You can check your car for leaks by moving it from its parking space. Did you notice any stains on the road? You can recognize these as bright green from coolant or dark red/ brown oil or brake fluid.

  • Unusual Noises

It is common for the car owners to listen to the roaring of their engines. However, if you are experiencing any strange noises, it is time you take your car to a mechanic.

Here are some unusual sounds you may hear and what they might indicate.

  1. You may experience clunking or grinding noise coming from under the vehicle. It could be related to a problem with your suspension.
  2. You need to look at the wheel bearings if you hear dragging or droning noises from your wheels.
  3. If it is crunching gears, the problem could be related to your gearbox.
  4. Loud exhaust noise indicates a possible hole in your exhaust pipe.
  5. If you experience uneven engine noise, your engine could be misfiring.
  • Vibrations

Do you experience vibration in your car when driving? If that is the case, you need to renew your tyres and get your wheel alignment adjusted.

Looking otherwise, does your car vibrate when braking? If it is the case, you might need to address an issue with your brakes, suspension or steering. It is something you need your mechanic to look into.

  • Reduced Driving Comfort

If you are experiencing reduced driving comfort, it is time to check your suspension. If you notice any signs related to it, look for a car mechanic.

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