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Mar 14 2018

 6 Useful Tips to Improve Your Gas Mileage

Owning a car has become a necessity to perform daily tasks. With a car, emergency situations are better managed and taken care of. Many frustrating things can happen from time to time like maintenance costs and other costs. These things can be managed when they occur but one that constantly changes and is the price of the oil. All is not lost yet and you can do things to manage your car costs. You can do something to extend the utility of the fuel you put in the car. Here are 6 tips to improve your gas mileage and see some savings into your pocket.

  • Take It Easy On the Pedal

Many times people like to unleash their inner beings or imagining themselves as the F1 Racers and push the engines so fast. Pushing the engine so fast is not the best way to save on fuel. Our cars may feel a lot of blitz 0-60 in a few seconds but it would definitely burn more fuel. The reason is that the faster you go the greater the drag your car has to work against. This effort requires fuel to be consumed. 

It also applies to when a stop comes. Many people tend to stop the car and apply brakes in just the nick of time. It is not good as the sudden acceleration burns more fuel.

•    Stick to Your Vehicle Recommended Fuel Type

It is a common consideration that premium gas is the best to expect the best performance from your car. Many people advise for this even the racers, and the general. Unfortunately, many people do not know that the car manufacturers test their vehicles for the best performance with the ideal type of fuel. You should read your car’s manual and look for the ideal type of oil they recommend. You should go for it even if they recommend cheap petrol or high octane petrol.

•    Check the Weight

Many people put extra stuff into the vehicles turning them into trucks. But, it increases the weight of the vehicle engine putting more strain on the engine and results in work harder. It is worth knowing that as an engine works harder burns more fuel.

The Gross Vehicle Weight Rating can give you a good idea of just how much your car capacity is, it is recommended not to push it to the hit.

•    Keep the Tires on Correct Pressure

It may not be in everyone’s knowledge but it is an easy way to improve your gas mileage by inflating your tires to the correct pressure. It is worth remembering that the low pressure of tires increases rolling resistance of your tires on the ground surface. It results in the overspending of your fuel. It is recommended to inflate your tires to their true pressure even before coming out of your garage.  You can use gadgets to get the real-time information on tire pressure.

•    Keep Your Gas Cap Fully Sealed

How many times your approach your gas cap to check its integrity? Many people get to open it only when it is time to reach the button to pop open the fuel door. Its air tightening rubber seal may crack or fail altogether over time resulting in the possible entry of air into the gas tank. Increased air in the fuel may cause will make your engine to burn more gas and to increase your fuel consumption. 

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