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Sep 23 2017

Biggest Mistakes Used Car Buyers Make

Used cars are great alternative to new cars. These cars come at low price and offer many other benefits. But, buyers can make mistakes when purchasing used cars. Some of those mistakes can cost too much money. Here are a few mistakes that buyers need to avoid making when buying used cars:

Not Doing their Research

Research work is so important when going for a used car.

People can be seen spending a lot of time on their research when buying other things but they do not put enough time when buying a used car. Due to no warranty and mileage used cars need some extra care. You should care about which models can be reliable and which needs care.

Resources for research work are available on internet. It does not take much work. You can use resources like consumer reports which can tell you about quality cars. These will also tell you about cars that can be a burden on your pocket.

For an adventurous person research is even more important. It is important for those who fancy themselves with a well exotic or luxury cars. Talking in forums and visiting local dealership is also good. There are many industry experts online who can guide you in your research process.  

Failing to Line Up Financing before Shopping

Many people do not line up their financing before purchasing their car. It is possible to choose dealer-offered financing. Dealer backed financing normally has hefty premiums. You can avoid some extra rates when paying cash or taking loans.

You need to understand how much you can pay on a used car. Decide your budget so you know how much you have to pay in order to make a purchase.  

Foregoing a Chance at a Test Drive

Many used cars buyers do not prefer to take a test drive. When you do not test drive a car that you want to buy, you are taking a risk.

Not Getting Checked by a Mechanic

While many people have checked the cars before making a purchase, some do not prefer to get checked by a mechanic.

You should inspect the car yourself; it can save you a lot of money in the long run. If you are dealing with a dealer, chances are that you will be offered an inspection. However, you should ask for in case of a private seller.

Buying a Car on Looks and not on Needs

Before you even begin looking for your car, it is important to assess exactly what you need. You need to identity what you want. If you are looking for a commuter car, do not waste your time looking on trucks. If you are looking for a van, do not bother for sports cars.

Look at Local Cars only

You need to identify the area where you want to buy used cars.  It is obvious that your first preference would be local cars only.  If you are looking for a rare car, you need to expand your area of research.

Sometimes you may not find a quality car in your area, so it is better to look for a faraway place.

Focusing on the Monthly Payment

Many buyers go with a price that they want to go with. They share it happily with that salesperson. You need to take into account interest rates and loan length.

A lower monthly payment period is good for you, but a longer period actually means that you will end up paying more than the price itself.

Ignoring Repairing Costs

It is important to look at repairing costs. Reliability is something that does not need to be ignored. It is better to ask a local mechanic about availability of car parts and the expense of typical repairs. Ignoring these factors can cost you in the long run. 



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