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Sep 22 2021

Car Glass Suddenly Not Working? Try to Identify The Cause


The car glass is stuck and it is difficult to open it sometimes being one of the problems that is a little annoying. This will feel very annoying when it's raining and the windshield is jammed, of course, it will make the inside of the car also be exposed to rain. Especially when you are going to pay tolls, of course, it's more troublesome. Damage to the power window can be one of the causes of a stuck car glass that is difficult to open. Power window is one of the electronic devices that serve to raise and lower the windshield. With the power window feature, it makes it easy for you to open the glass or close the car window again. Broken car windows are one of the things that are very annoying, especially when we are going to pay tolls of course this is very inconvenient for us besides that when the rainy season arrives, this will make the inside of the car wet and we as drivers are very uncomfortable. we will try to discuss the causes of jammed car windows. To find out some of the causes of difficult to open or jammed car windows, let's look at the article reviews below:

Broken Car Window Power Window:

The cause of the first jammed car glass is because the power window is damaged. Power window is one part of the electronic device that has a function to raise and lower the car glass automatically. Damage to the windshield is usually caused because the power window does not perform its function properly which causes the windshield to become stuck. The main cause of damaged power windows is that there is a shorted fuse or fuse, the fuse or fuse is an electronic device that functions as a fuse in the event of a fatal electrical short circuit, if the fuse is shorted, it is certain that the power window will be damaged and will no longer function, this is the main cause of the windshield congested.

Short Circuit in the Car Windshield Power Window:

The second cause of stuck car glass is a short circuit in the power window caused by the burnt switch, but it could also be because the plastic on the switch is worn, this is also the cause of the power window not functioning optimally, this is what makes the car glass difficult to open or jammed. If the electrical system on the car is damaged, you must be careful in checking it.

Damage to the Car Windshield Power Window:

The third cause of jammed car glass is due to damage to the power window dynamo. The important function of this power window dynamo is to run the regulator up and down on the windshield, the power window dynamo is located on the car door or behind the car door trim, if there is damage to the power window motor power coil due to a short circuit, it will certainly damage the power window and cause the power window performance is not optimal.

Remove the Holder on the Car Glass Regulator:

The cause of the last stuck car glass that makes the car glass difficult to open or jammed is the release of the glass holder on the glass regulator, the glass regulator has a function as a glass mover with the help of the power window motor to raise and lower the windshield. Problems or damage that often arises in this section are caused by worn teeth besides other causes because the glass holder is detached from the glass regulator.

Lack of Car Glass Maintenance:

The amount of dust that sticks to your glass when you move the windshield up and down every day is a sign that you are aware that the dust will lodge in the power window and over time it will cause the glass to jam. For this reason, it is natural for you to often clean the car by washing the car regularly. In addition, the accumulated dust can cause the car window film to become scratches. Well friends, that's 5 causes of car glass damage, but not all of them are due to damaged power windows, besides that there are also many other causes that are factors for car glass damage. This is an article about the causes of stuck car windows that can be shared with all Garage Friends. Hopefully the article shared this time is useful.

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