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Nov 15 2021

Car Wiper Problems That Often Occur and Solutions to Overcome Them


The wiper has a function as a water sweeper on the windshield so that visibility while driving is not disturbed. Because of its important role, excellent wiper conditions will be needed, you know, friends. Not only the wiper rubber but also the movement of the wiper itself. Many vehicle users do not understand what causes the car wiper water to not come out when operated, therefore this is the cause of the wiper water not coming out that you need to know.

Car Wiper Water Runs Out:

Car wiper water is stored in a tank or reservoir, usually using special water containing anti-fungal to keep the glass clean. If you find the water doesn't come out when you use the wiper, don't panic, try opening your hood and checking the tank. If indeed the water runs out, please refill it and don't forget to make sure the tank has no water leaks either through the hose or from the reservoir.

Car wiper water hose is loose:

If the water in the reservoir has been filled to the limit but when it is operated the water still doesn't come out, there could be a loose hose. Try to re-check the car wiper water hose line that is leading up to see if something is loose, pinched or something is damaged.

Car Wiper Motor Not Working:

Inside the reservoir tube there is a motor that functions to pump water when it is operated. Try to check if the motor is working properly when it is operated. How to check it is enough to just listen because when the motor is working it will produce a buzzing sound. If you don't hear any sound, take your car to a repair shop to have it checked whether you have to replace the car's air wiper motor or maybe there is a loose cable.

Troubled Car Wiper Electrical Network:

Because the motor works with electricity, the first step when you find that there is no electric voltage entering the motor, check the electrical circuit starting from the switch, fuse and the cable itself for broken or loose wires.

Dirt at the End of the Washer:

Car wiper water from the reservoir exits through the washer on the hood, many problems that often occur because of trivial things, namely the small tip of the washer like a needle is covered with dirt. Use a tool with a small, pointed tip such as a needle or with a wire to check that the washer hole is not clogged. So a car wiper can be called an important tool especially in the rainy season like today. Well, there are several problems that often occur with wipers ranging from worn rubber, slow movement or not moving at all are some examples. If that happens, what should be done? How to handle it? Here collects some treatments that you can do.

Car Wiper Rubber That is Worn/Brittle:

If you find the condition of the car wipers that are worn / brittle, you should replace them with flexible rubber. Hardened rubber, in addition to causing uneven sweep of the water on the glass surface, also has the potential to cause scratches on the car glass. If that condition occurs, the cost of recovery is quite expensive, you know, my friend. So it's better to prevent than to treat isn't it.

Car Wiper Movement is Not Normal:

The phenomenon of abnormal or slow wiper movement is usually caused by dirty parts of the wiper drive system. This has an impact on the electric current and usually makes the wiper crank obstructed. The way to fix this is to clean the coil resistance. In addition, the reason the car wiper is slow is because there is something rusty on the wiper element. As a result, the performance is not optimal, the sweep slows down. The way to fix this, clean the crank from rust and spray the part with anti-rust liquid. If it is severe it must be welded or replaced.

Not Enough Water Spray from the Car Wiper Washer

Another problem that often occurs is that the water spray from the washer head on the hood of the car is not strong, small, or not right. All the problems were due to a clogged hole in the washer head. How to clean it is quite easy. Friends, all you have to do is remove the tube, immediately mix the gravel sand and shake it until the dirt that sticks to the tube wall is gone. To be really clean, do it a few times. Of course, don't forget to wash it with clean water. So, those are some of the diseases that usually attack your car wipers, friends. Especially now that we are entering the rainy season, the role of this one device is very crucial and its performance must be maintained. From some of the examples of the disease above, there are several conditions where you have to replace the device.

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