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Daily Car Maintenance, Our Five Tips


Maintaining your car on a daily basis keeps it in good mechanical and aesthetic condition. While some major maintenance has to be done in the workshop, a few regular and prolonged checks will last your car's life while allowing sometimes considerable savings to be made.

And you will reap all the benefits in a possible sale. Here are five tips to follow.

1 - Regularly Check the Levels:

To ensure the correct operation of the engine, the steering and braking components, a periodic check of all fluids is necessary. Be aware that an insufficient level can lead to failures which can sometimes have serious consequences, or even breakage of the engine. A little glance under the hood every now and then can save you a lot of trouble.

2 - Check the Engine Oil Level:

Using the dipstick, always make sure that the level is between the two marks "mini" and "maxi". An excess or an insufficient quantity of oil is detrimental to the correct operation of the engine.

3 - Check the Coolant Level:

has always there again that it is always between the two marks "mini" and "maxi" of the jar. Be careful, if you notice that the level is regularly insufficient, this means that your engine is consuming water - risk of a cylinder head gasket problem.

4 - Check the Brake and Power Steering Fluid Levels:

Insufficient brake fluid can mean a leak in the brake system. The same is true of leadership.

5 - Test the Condition of the Battery:

A battery in good condition maintains a good life expectancy. Make sure that it is always well charged - starting problems -, that the costs are clean and, if necessary, check the level of the electrolyte. If necessary, have the charging circuit checked.

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