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How to Import Japanese Used Cars to Myanmar?

Myanmar is one of the largest Japanese used cars importers. Although two nations drive on the opposite sides of the road, Japanese cars are famous in Myanmar.  According to an estimate, 90% of used cars on Myanmar roads are Japanese.

Japanese cars are famous all over the world for their durability. Japanese cars are exported nearly every continent of the world. The popularity of Japanese used cars is mostly due to their reliability and durability.

New and Used Cars Stock for Myanmar

Recently, Myanmar government has imposed restrictions on the import of Japanese used cars. Government is focusing on locally-manufactured new cars.  But, Japanese used cars are still a top choice for car lovers.

Import Japanese Used cars to Myanmar

Many people do not know how to import Japanese used cars in their country. Some fear losing money in case of doing so. But, it is lack of information that keeps many people from having a high-quality cheap car. Read this article until the end and you will know how to import Japanese cars to Myanmar.

Find a Used Cars Exporter

The first step for importing Japanese used cars is finding a used cars exporter. Used cars exporters supply Japanese used vehicles in many countries of the world.

The Internet is the best way to know about Japanese used cars exporters. Search on their websites for their cars stock and other information related to them.  You can also get detailed information. You can also get detailed information. They can show you pictures of the vehicle that you are going to buy, so you can make it sure that you get what you pay for.

Used cars exporters provide additional benefits if you want to buy cars in bulk.

Find Your Desired Car:

You can visit their stock find your desired car. After selecting a car you hit order to start the process. As you hit order you supplier will provide you an invoice.

Order and Make Payment:

You need to make payment in your local bank account, so it is transferred to their bank account. You will receive a receipt that you need to save for other processes. 

Port Clearance:

After you have made the payment, your process of vehicle delivery will start. It may reach in a few weeks on the port. You should hire a clearing agent to get it cleared off the port. 

Import Rules and Regulation:

Shipping of cars:

Vehicles that are shipped to Myanmar are shipped to Maritime Port of Rangoon.

There are two ways of shipping of used vehicles; container shipping and Roll on Roll off (RORO).

Import Regulations

It is important for the importer to obtain import license before importing Japanese used vehicles to Myanmar. The government takes into view age and type of car and issues relevant permit.

The import license contains all the vehicle details. 

Japanese used cars importing process is easier. The Internet is the best way to buy Japanese used cars and import in Myanmar. Find a used cars exporter, get on their website and order your desired vehicle. You will get your car in a few weeks. 

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