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Make Your Tires Last Longer with Rotations


Rotating can extend the life of your car's tires. Here's what you need to know about this operation.

What is Permutation?

Tire rotation is the process of changing the tires on your car.

Front Wheel Drive Cars:

  • For front-wheel-drive cars, it is recommended to move both rear wheels forward, while changing sides.
  • The right rear wheel becomes the left front wheel, for example.
  • The front wheels should then be installed at the rear but on their respective side of the vehicle.

Rear-Wheel Drive Vehicles:

For rear-wheel-drive vehicles, the front wheels should be put to the rear and changed sides, while the rear wheels should be at the front, on their respective side of the vehicle.

Four Wheel Drive Vehicles:

In the case of four-wheel-drive vehicles, each wheel should take the place of the diagonal one.

Finally, some vehicles, which have a fifth wheel at the rear, may integrate it in their order of rotation.

Why Rotate the Tires?

The rotation is part of a tire maintenance logic since the rotation allows balanced wear of each sole.

  • In fact, since each wheel does not undergo exactly the same weight, changing the place of wheels regularly increases their life.
  • Also, permutation, by slowing the wear effect of each tire, can improve vehicle traction and make it more efficient. It will also reduce your gas bill.
  • Rotating the tires can also be an opportunity to inspect each tire, looking for irregularities in its sidewall or possible punctures.
  • You can also take advantage of this inspection to check the tire air pressure.

When to Rotate?

Normally, the tires are rotated every 4,800 to 8,000 kilometers, even if the tire does not appear that worn.

  • That being said, some vehicle user guides recommend their own changeover cycle.
  • It is better to rotate tires frequently than to wear out one tire more than others and have to change it.
  • You can rotate the tires of your car yourself, with the necessary equipment.
  • However, many car owners prefer a mechanic to do this when changing the vehicle's oil.

When inspecting your tires, pay close attention to the depth of the grooves between the tread studs. If you find that the tires are not worn everywhere as well, it is a sign that you have not rotated your tires often enough.

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