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Nov 21 2019

NTT and Docomo provide AI technology to Toyota's concept car "LQ" Supports voice recognition and action look-ahead for conversational AI


NTT and NTT Docomo announced on November 20 that they will provide technical cooperation for the general test-ride event of the autonomous driving concept car "LQ" scheduled for June-September 2020 by Toyota Motor Corporation. Provides speech recognition technology and speech synthesis technology necessary for the construction of in-vehicle AI agents.

The LQ is a concept car that Toyota unveiled at the 46th Tokyo Motor Show 2019. Equipped with level 4 equivalent automatic driving technologies and interactive AI agent "YUI", it boasts specs that can run on public roads.

YUI monitors the driver's movements to estimate emotions and sleepiness, plays music when he gets sleepy, and talks about his favorite topics, leading to awakening.

In the general test-ride event “YUI Project TOURS 2020” scheduled for Toyota, LQ runs on ordinary roads around Tokyo and Odaiba in addition to automatic driving. We will have a good conversation.

NTT will provide the “Intelligent Microphone” technology that uses the deep neural networks (DNN) in addition to speech recognition technology and speech synthesis technology, and separates and collects voices for each speaker. .

DOCOMO provides a “behavioral look-ahead” technology that learns lifestyle habits and hobbies and preferences based on user behavior data and conveys information that suits the interest at the optimal time.

A 5G base station will also be installed at the test drive base to build a high-speed and stable communication environment.

NTT and DoCoMo have said, “We will continue to collaborate with various partners and develop technologies such as connected cars and automated driving.”


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