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The battery of the car is down, what to do?


Your car doesn’t start in the morning anymore? Your car is having trouble restarting even after a ride?

It might be possible that your car battery has completed its life span or simply gets empty. Before thinking of replacing your car battery, it is better to examine its condition.

First, look for the cause of the failure:

Before replacing a battery which shows signs of weakness, it is sometimes better to check the cause maybe it is simply discharged due to prolonged parking and some electrical elements works even when car is not in working condition cause drainage of battery. Personal negligence like forget to turn off radio, ceiling light, forget to turn off the car headlights, improperly close a door can cause a quick discharge of the battery.

Also note that if you only make short trips, the battery may not be charged properly. After a while the battery has no longer energy to take the full load of the car.

What to do if battery gets empty?

If you are on a journey and unfortunately your battery didn’t take the load of the car in the middle of the journey, then the only option remains for you is to push the car, which is very difficult task you cannot handle both car steering and pushing you probably gonna need the help of other people if you are alone.

Engage the second gear and then push the car with the help of someone, when the car has gained enough momentum, release the clutch. This is usually enough to start the car. If you have cables then try to connect the battery of your car with other vehicle, you will have enough power to start the car but be careful not to reverse the live and neutral wire.

If possible, charge it:

A battery can be discharged for various reasons. Prolonged parking, temperature fluctuations, human error. It is better to have a battery booster at home to charge the battery, in this way you can maintain your battery by yourself, all you need to do is to connect the battery with the booster and your work will be finished. Battery charging booster has many types you can buy according to the requirement of your battery.

Your battery no longer holds the charge, better replace it:

If despite all your efforts ( reloading, longer journey etc..) your battery is still showing the sign of weakness and preventing you from getting to work on time in the morning, then replace it because it is certainly at the end of its life and continue to cause problems. A battery has duration of 5 years if it’s the case its better for you to replace it.


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