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Tips to Re-Smooth a Car Engine


You certainly don't want this to happen. You also have to know how to re-smooth a car engine. Here's how:

Use Quality Oil:

Choosing oil carelessly is not the right decision. The reason is, this careless use of oil can also be one of the triggers for the sound of a car engine that was soft to turn rough. For that, make sure you are more careful when choosing the right oil for your car. First, pay attention to the brand and specifications of the oil you buy. Also adjust the specifications of the oil to the oil needs of your car engine.

Ensure Oil Intake is Fulfilled:

Even though you have used oil with the right specifications, it does not mean that you will no longer face the problem of rough car engine noise in the future. The reason is, a rough engine sound can also be caused by oil that does not lubricate engine components evenly. For that, make sure you check in detail every component in the engine is getting enough and even oil intake. On the other hand, don't forget to always change your car's engine oil regularly, Friends Garage. Lazy to change the oil can also make the sound of your vehicle's engine turn rough.

Clean Car AC Compressor:

When the sound of a car engine suddenly turns rough, you can immediately check the condition of the car's AC compressor. The reason is, a pile of dirt on the AC compressor can also be the cause of changing the sound of the car engine. If you find a lot of dirt when checking, immediately clean the car air conditioner compressor. In addition to dirt, running out of AC compressor oil can also be a trigger for the rough sound of your car engine.

Pay Attention to Engine Valve:

In addition to oil and AC compressors, another thing that you also have to pay attention to is the engine valve gap. A rough engine sound can also be caused by an engine valve gap that is too tight. If this is indeed the case with your car, immediately make the appropriate valve clearance adjustments. Make sure the engine valve gap is not too tight and not too wide, Friend Garage. The reason is, a dense valve gap can also be the cause of a rough engine sound.

Car Service Periodically:

Lastly, you have to do regular servicing for the car to avoid the engine beeping. You can do periodic service every 10,000 Km. It is these steps that make the sound of your car's engine smooth. 

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