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Toyota Safety Sense: What Safety Features come with it?

Toyota is one of the largest automakers in the world. The cars manufactured by Japan’s largest automaker are popular for their reliability and durability. In addition to many other features, the Japanese automaker offers advanced safety features in many of its vehicles. Toyota Safety Sense is a wide array of safety features offered in Toyota models. Keep reading to know more about Toyota Safety Sense.

  • Pre-Collision System with Pedestrian Detection

The pre-collision system of Toyota uses a radar sensor or a laser sensor and a camera to detect a vehicle or pedestrian in front of you. If the system realizes that a collision may happen it gives audio and visual cues to the driver. These cues suggest the driver apply the brakes to avoid the collision.  It may exert additional force in braking with brake assist. If you do not apply the brake and the chances of a collision become high, this system may apply the brakes automatically to avoid the collision or mitigate the effect of the collision.

  • Lane Departure Alert

Lane Departure alert warns you when you veer off the road and drift into onto, near or over the lane marking. You are required to steer your car back to the middle of the road. However, the low visibility of the lane marking may limit the visibility of this feature. If will not work on a road without lane marking. The camera may face trouble in the rain or snow.

  • Automatic High Beams

Many drivers, traveling at night, experience momentary blindness caused due to the incoming driver’s dazzling high beam lights who fail to turn off while passing. Some people forget to turn off their light which causes visibility issues for the other drivers.

It is where the automatic high beams come in. The automatic high beam (AHB) is a safety feature that helps you see clearly at night without distracting the other drivers. It works with an in-vehicle camera that detects the headlights of the oncoming vehicles and the taillights of the preceding vehicles. Then the lights turn brighter and dimmer accordingly.

  • Dynamic Radar Cruise Control

It works similarly to the cruise control that keeps the vehicle ins a constant speed. The dynamic radar cruise control helps you travel while maintaining a constant distance with the vehicle in front of you. It works with the help of an in-vehicle camera and front-mounted radar designed to detect vehicles and their distance. In case a driver is driving slower than you the system automatically reduces the vehicle speed to maintain a constant distance without turning off curise control. If the system detects that you need to travel even slowly, the audio and viual alerts are sent and the brakes are applied. While the system acceleertae you if it detects there is no longer a vehicle in front of you which has slower speed than you.

  • Road Sign Assist

Toyota has imporved the system further and this system and brings the added awareness to your drive. A camera is mounted on the front that detects stops signs, speed limit signs, do not enter signs and yield signs and displays them on the MID. It eases your driving and you can drive more actively.

  • Lane Tracing Assist

Avaialebla on toytoa ‘s corolla hathcabck lane tracing assist uses the lines on the road and keep the vehicle centered whiel displaying the vehicle position on the MID screen.  However, it is avaielbel only when lane markers are visible and the Full-Speed Range Dynamic Radar Cruise Control is enabled.

In case the markers are blocked by a car in front of you, the system still detect the vehicle and follows it, and will recognize where the lines should be and continues to assist you with driving.


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