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Hybrid Car Oil Change (Cost, Change Interval, and Maintenance Tips)


The beginning of the 21st Century brings evolution in the auto industry, due to improvement in battery technology and DC motor technology takes the auto industry to next level and hybrid cars are the product of that evolution. The hybrid cars works on both electric motors and combustion engine. It was built for aiming to reduce Co2 level in atmosphere and also to increase fuel mileage of the car.

Hybrid Oil Change Interval:

Hybrid cars have internal combustion engine just like the other normal cars therefore it is required to change its engine oil at regular interval. However it depends on the factor that how far you travel and at what speed? If you are travelling around the city or town then the electric motor will work and take load of the vehicle and this reduce strain on the engine, when you drive at high speed then hybrid car will lift their power source from electric to engine.

So it depends on the usage of engine, Interval of oil change is approximately similar to tradition car. It is generally suggested to change the oil of your vehicle after every 5,000 miles. But if you use synthetic oil, you may be able to get extra miles from 7,000 to 10,000 miles interval for oil change.

Oil Type:

Many hybrid car manufacturers recommend using synthetic oil, because it last longer than conventional oil. Companies have suggested that 0W20 oil is used in hybrid vehicle instead of 5W20 or 10W20 like in traditional car. Hybrid cars need lower weight and viscosity oil to the proper lubrication to the moving parts of the engine. Toyota has also recommended to their customer to use 0W20 synthetic engine oil for 2010 to 2017 models. Read the owner manual if company has recommended any specific type of oil for your vehicle.

Hybrid Oil Change Cost:

The oil changes of hybrid cars are very simple just like the other common car, you can get oil change at quick lube shops, dealership, local repair shops and by yourself if you have little bit of technical knowledge. Mostly the dealership charge higher as compared to quick lube and local shops, you can expect to pay bill of 80 to 120 dollar. Quick lube shops mostly charge 40 to 50 dollar for conventional oil and 70 to 90 dollar for synthetic oil, However quick lube shops do quick inspection of your car and intend to charge you more expensive unnecessary services.

Hybrid Car Maintenance:

The Hybrid Car basic maintenance is pretty much similar with a traditional car. But it will be more difficult to find the repair shop for specific task like its electronic controller system, replacement of hybrid battery etc…


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