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Everything You Need to Know About Car Glass


Windows on a car play a major role in the safety and comfort of the driver and passengers. Capable of ensuring perfect visibility for the driver, they are also designed to withstand impacts and thus protect you in the event of an accident. Their qualities are numerous, and their composition specially designed for your safety.

What is an Automobile Window?

Glass surfaces are steadily increasing in modern cars. The side windows and windshields gain in size, ensuring excellent visibility, while flooding the passenger compartment with natural light. And specifically designed for this use, they have a composition far removed from the simple classic glass. This provides them with properties such as:

  • Resistance to impact
  • And the ability not to break, not injuring passengers and the driver in the process.

The Different Types of Windows on a Car:

Always more efficient, automobile windows can take several compositions:

  • The front windshield is one of the vehicle's primary glass surfaces. It needs to be particularly resistant because it is often involved in an accident. In order that it does not shatter or injure the occupants of the car in such a situation, it must be made of laminated glass. Composed of two plates of glass and one of plastic, welded to each other, it will not break. The pieces of glass are automatically glued to the plastic film in the event of a strong impact. It is one of the most secure glasses. It is also used for the windows of sunroofs, and it is also increasingly used for side windows.
  • The side windows (front and rear) and the rear windshield are usually made of tempered glass. Up to 5 times stronger than conventional glass, tempered glass is designed to break into a multitude of small pieces upon impact, without risking injury to car occupants. It is through its manufacturing process, and more specifically its cooling, that it acquires its solidity. It is in fact cooled in air or in a liquid directly after leaving the oven.

What are the Most Frequently Broken Car Windows?

Two types of glazing are broken most of the time, each corresponding to a very specific situation:

  • During an accident or in the face of a road impact, the windshield is frequently affected.
  • When it comes to vandalism or attempted theft of the vehicle, the windshield is spared, while the side windows are usually targeted. It is therefore advisable to approach your insurer to proceed with their change.

Replacing a side window, such as the windshield, requires the removal of many parts of the car. It is essential to remove, for example, some of the parts of the door and then proceed with a complete cleaning, in order to remove all the pieces of glass, so many steps to be entrusted to a professional.

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