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Tips To Avoid Car Break Down


However, there are many ways to avoid a car breaking down in the middle of the road. You can do this to solve the problem of a car breaking down. Here's how:

1. Routinely Warm Up the Car:

So that the car avoids the problem of breaking down, it is always routine to warm it up. It only takes 10 minutes to warm up the car. This rarely used car heating routine doesn't even need to be done every day. Just once every two days. Make sure when heating the car the environment and surrounding conditions are safe. Safety and security factors in heating a car include not heating in a closed garage, close to small children, close to pets and close to flammable materials.

2. Check Battery Age:

The battery is an important component to start the car engine. If the battery is damaged then the car must have broken down. Remember, the battery is a component that has a service life. If it is past its useful life, its ability will decrease considerably. Especially in cars over 7 years old, the battery needs special attention. During a lot of silence at home, the battery should get more attention. There are several conditions that affect the age or durability of the car battery itself. Starting from the use of the car itself, to the weather factor. On average, car batteries can last between 2 to 5 years.

3. Pay Attention to the Indicator Lights:

Make sure when heating the car you look at the instrument panel and indicator lights. If the check engine light comes on when the engine is warmed up, then something is wrong which is read by the car's computer. Don't ignore the check engine light that lights up or flashes when the engine is running. If left unchecked it can allow the car to break down. So if you find this condition, immediately contact an official workshop for further checking. There are a number of things that cause the engine check light to turn on. Starting from a malfunction in the sensors, the fuel reading doesn't match the engine's needs, a short circuit, or an error in the car's computer.

4. Full Fuel:

A fairly trivial problem but it can happen is an empty fuel tank. If there is no fuel, the car will automatically not turn on, the car breaks down. Therefore make sure the fuel is always filled in the tank of your car. Can also be full of fuel even though the car is more often at home. There are a number of advantages. If your car is always filled with full fuel then the potential for rust on the car tank is very minimal. The second advantage is that the car is always ready to use if you need a sudden trip, you don't have to worry about having to stop at the gas station because the gas tank is full.

5. Lights Off:

In some cases the car breaks down, sometimes it is found that the source of the problem is the lights. When the car has stopped, the engine is turned off and the door is locked but the main light is forgotten to turn off then problems arise. Especially if the car with the lights on is left for a long time. Most likely when you turn it back on, the car breaks down and won't start.

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