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Oct 30 2019

Toyota Ultra Compact BEV: A Smart Flange


Toyota, a great defender of the hybrid vehicle (thus combining a heat engine and an electric), presented its first electric car. The Toyota took start from introducing small two-seater hybrid car in the market.

This "Ultra Compact BEV" is indeed a two-seater only 2.49 meters long and 1.29 wide. It would therefore pass a smart Fortwo for a giant (2.70 meters long and 1.55 wide) ... Toyota has not delivered any information on the power of this micro-car, but it should not be very heavy since the manufacturer announces a top speed of only 60 km / h. The autonomy is not more impressive: "about 100 km", says once at Toyota, which states that this car is primarily designed for "small wheels" and therefore primarily intended for urban use.

Commercialization planned in Japan at the end of 2020. But not at all certain that this model arrives one day at home ... The manufacturer  also announced that they could launch other models of electric vehicles a little larger in size, which they could export all over the globe.

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