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What Happens if the Oil Level is Too High?


In Combustion engine moving parts of the engine require proper lubrication for their normal functioning, engine oil helps in this issue it lubricates all the moving parts of the engine to avoid friction and prevent over heating of the engine. But the amount of the engine oil depends on the size of the engine like heavy vehicles for example buses, cranes have huge power of engines therefore they will gonna require engine oil in large volume. For Cars engine usually need 5 to 8 quarts generally. If you have a small vehicle then you will gonna require less amount of oil i.e. 4- cylinder of vehicle needs 5 quarts of oil, 6- Cylinder of vehicle require 6 quarts of engine oil and similarly 8 – Cylinder of Vehicle need 8 quarts of engine oil.

Engine oil is also called the blood of the vehicle, because despite of cooling system of engine which reduce temperature of the vehicle, engine oil is plays important role in lowering down the engine temperature. It also reduces friction between the moving parts of the engine and prevent it from serious and high costly damages, It also act as cleaner and washes all the debris and contaminants from the internal components of the engine.

Too Much Oil Effects:

Normally after every 3000 to 5000 miles we are required to change the engine oil, but if we fill more oil as compared to its required amount then it will gonna cause us many problems. Some people might think that by putting more oil, engine parts will get lubrication very well. But the whole picture is opposite. If you filled your engine with oil more than the capacity of the engine then it will cause over heating of the engine. Because when the crankshaft move to and fro it will cause air bubbles in the oil and will make the oil foamy form, which goes to all the components of engine and failed to lubricate the moving components of the engine which could increase the temperature of the engine. Then you will have to face all other kinds of problems and damages.

Check Oil Level via Dipsticks:    

The best way to find the level of the oil is to use the dipstick, people mostly used dipstick to check if they have enough oil and level of the oil is not dangerously low but you can also use this to find if the oil level is too much, there are marks on the dipstick with named add and full. If the level of the oil is extremely low then the oil will touch below the sign of add, normally you have to keep the oil level between add and full but if you see the level of the oil is more than full then its means your overloaded the engine capacity of carrying oil.

Drain the Oil as Soon as Possible:

If you find that your engine has oil more than the normal capacity then drains the extra volume of oil as soon as possible. You can take the services of the professional mechanic if you don’t know how to drain the oil. But if you have knowledge to how to change the oil then it is very easy for you to drain oil. You need to keep in mind that you only have to drain the extra volume of oil, if oil level goes below the low pointer of the dipstick it will also gonna cause you serious trouble. Keep the level of oil between add and full while draining the engine oil.

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