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Jul 31 2020

Prometheus Fuels: BMW's Weapon to Bring the Combustion Engine to Life


The idea is the work of Rob McGinnis Ph.D. in engineering from Yale who in 2019 founded this company to capture CO2 from the air and process it into gasoline, diesel, and jet fuel. If they work, existing vehicles could continue to work, since the processes they use in the transformation are carbon neutral. Prometheus estimates that if all fuels made from oil and gas were replaced by net zero carbon fuel, the world would see a 10 gigaton reduction in CO2 emissions per year, roughly 25% of global emissions. The investment of BMW I Ventures (€ 12.5 million) will help us accelerate our efforts to bring our fuel to market, says McGinnis. The idea is to start selling its fuel at California service stations later this year, expanding to other US and international markets in 2021. Other company avenues include technologies related to CO2 removal and capture.

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