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3 Common Symptoms of a Bad Oil Pressure Sensor or Switch


The oil pressure sensor is an important component of the engine, which gives information about the pressure of the oil in the engine when the engine is working. In this article we will discuss the main function of oil pressure sensor and also issues rises due to its malfunctioning.

How Oil Pressure Sensor/ Switch Works:

The main function of the oil sensor is to monitor the level of oil pressure in the engine and then transmit this information to the meter or infotainment system. If the vehicles are equipped with the electronic system then the oil pressure sensor sends this information to the main computer which calculates and analyzes all the receiving data and shows it on the infotainment system/ dashboard of the vehicle. If any fluctuation occurs in the oil pressure of engine like engine oil level get dangerously low or sensor gets damage and become unfunctional then the warning light on the panel turns on and also shows the fluctuation in the reading of the oil pressure.

Symptoms of a Bad Oil Pressure Switch or Sensor:


1 Repeated Blinking from the Oil Pressure Lights:

Sometimes if oil pressure sensor doesn’t work properly, as a result, it gives a false reading and usually shows low engine oil levels. This could cause worry to the driver because low engine oil level can cause serious and permanent damage to the engine of your vehicle if the warning is true. In order to determine the actual level of the oil, you should manually check the oil level if it is low. If you find oil level normal after manually checking then this indicates that the oil pressure sensor is not working properly and you need to replace it.

2 Wrong Reading Shows on the Oil Pressure Gauge:

In the old vehicle in which oil pressure is measured through gauge show zero in the meter even when the level of oil is normal if any issue occurs in the sensor or in the connection between sensor and gauge. But if you are driving the modern vehicle then the sensor which calculates oil pressure will be electronic and transmit information in the form of the electronic signals. It will give strange readings on the infotainment system like it will show the level of oil full or zero. If this issue occurs with your vehicle check the sensor and replace it if necessary.

3 Oil Pressure Lights Turns On:

When the oil pressure sensor gets damage due to any cause or doesn’t work properly then it shows the false reading on the infotainment system and warning light turns on even the oil level is normal when you checked manually and your vehicle is running smoothly. In some cases when the oil level is normal but you hear grinding noises in your vehicle engine due to oil pump is not working properly and difficulty in gear shifting and the sensor is doing its job normally. As a result readings on the dashboard panel of the vehicle goes far beyond then the normal specifications this will turn on warning light. If you ever stuck in this condition then replace your oil pressure sensor in order to get a correct reading of oil pressure in the engine.  

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