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Nov 20 2019

Toyota, plug-in hybrid “RAV4 Prime” world premiere

Toyota's "RAV4 ​​Prime" with the crossover SUV "RAV4" as a PHV (plug-in hybrid car) at the "2019 Los Angeles Auto Show" to be held from November 23. EV cruising range is approximately 62km. Achieving class-leading 0-96km / h acceleration 5.8 seconds.

RAV4 Prime uses a newly developed plug-in hybrid system for the power train. It has the best acceleration performance in its class in the United States and enjoys the pleasure of driving like an electric vehicle and the excellent environmental performance due to its long EV range.

In terms of driving performance, RAV4 inherits the basic performance such as stability on various road surfaces and handling at will, and is aiming for further “Fun to Drive” with a newly developed plug-in hybrid system.

The newly developed large-capacity lithium-ion battery is laid out below the floor while using the same 2.5-liter engine as the RAV4 hybrid model. With a new plug-in hybrid system that realizes high output by improving the performance of the motor in response to the increased capacity of the battery, the system output is approximately 225kW (302HP), which exceeds the RAV4 hybrid model by approximately 62kW (83HP), and is the class top Achieve level.

At 0-60 miles / h (0-96km / h) acceleration, the RAV4 hybrid model is 7.8 seconds, but it is 2 seconds earlier, 5.8 seconds, appealing the power unique to electric vehicles.

In addition, the installation of a lithium-ion battery below the floor secures the same indoor space as that of the existing RAV4, and the low weight of the heavy battery leads to a low center of gravity, which improves driving stability. It also contributes to improvement.

 The drive system is the same “E-Four” (electric 4WD system) as the RAV4 hybrid model and inherits the high running performance of RAV4.

In terms of the environment, in-house measurements based on the US EPA test method for US specification vehicles, EV cruising range of 39 miles (about 62km) has been achieved, and the energy consumption of running on charged electricity is equivalent to gasoline In conversion, "MPGe", which is a numerical value that represents how many miles per gallon can travel, realizes 90MPGe.

In addition, the “Heat Pump Auto Air Conditioner”, which is also used for the Prius PHV, the same PHV, is optimized for the RAV4 Prime. Highly efficient power consumption and high environmental performance expected for PHV.

The external power supply function, which has been attracting attention in response to the occurrence of large-scale natural disasters in recent years, can output electricity stored in lithium-ion batteries at a maximum of 1500 W. It can be used by supplying power.

The exterior uses a special mid grille and lower bumper to create a sense of wideness and a low center of gravity. The mesh grille accentuates the sportiness, and the piano black accents enhance the luxury. In addition, a 19-inch special aluminum wheel is combined with large-diameter tires to express the strength and stability of an SUV.

A new "Super Sonic Red" body color has been newly added. Appeal a tight impression with the black roof and the black paint on the bottom of the body.

For the interior, RAV4 is the first to adopt a head-up display that enhances visibility and a 9-inch large display audio. Equipped with paddle shift to assist sporty driving.


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