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Car Review: When to do it? Or At what price?


Revision ensures that a vehicle is in good condition by controlling many points. Regular maintenance can prevent the owner from breaking down on the road and having to pay for repairs.

Revision can be a nightmare for many motorists who fear to get their hands on the wallet for expensive repairs. It is however essential at regular intervals to ensure the proper maintenance of your vehicle, the safety of passengers and ensure that it will not make you the blow of the breakdown at the next turn! Here are some tips to not miss your next review but also preserve your budget.

Car Review: When to do it?

The interval between two revisions depends on the brand of the car and its engine. The maintenance booklet provided by the manufacturer indicates when to perform an intervention. With this document, you will determine the optimal mileage for your periodic review.

Generally, a gasoline-powered vehicle needs to be overhauled every 15,000 km while diesel can expect to have traveled 20,000 km (and up to 30,000 km in some cases). If the car is running very little, it is advisable to have it checked once a year (or every two years at least) and before long journeys to make sure you drive safely. A vehicle must be maintained if you want to travel many kilometers with it,

Car review: what checks?

The revision includes draining the engine, checking levels (management, together transaxle, if the auto transmission, brake fluid, coolant, washer fluid ...). Air conditioning (filter, air conditioning charging ), tire wear, lights and bulbs and, if your vehicle is new, the electronic control unit will also be checked. Periodic maintenance reviews must be done by a specialist. Many brands and builders offer maintenance packages. Ask before about the content of these packages.

Car overhaul: in concessions or auto center?

Previously, it was almost mandatory to go to a dealership of the mark of his vehicle for overhaul. Any off-grid intervention could void the manufacturer's warranty, which could have economic consequences afterward.

The consumer can have his vehicle serviced wherever he wishes while preserving the guarantee. It is now possible to visit a dealership, a car center or a garage to carry out a review. Feel free to compare prices.

Price of a car overhaul:

The cost depends on where the review will take place. The dealership is the most expensive solution, but only uses original parts that have the best service life. Attention, since the end of 2016, they are also obliged to offer you used parts. It is up to you to make your choice.

Car centers offer review packages at more affordable costs. But beware, not all are equal, and the adaptable parts used are of uneven quality according to the brand. We must take the time to compare quotes to get value for money.

Today, many auto specialists offer packages for review. Whether online or directly to garage owners, do not hesitate to ask for quotes. You will be able to compare the prices and services offered.

Remember to check if the liquids (cooling, oil, brake ...) are included in the package and what are the points examined ... Many large specialty stores offer attractive rates. By carefully reviewing the packages offered, you will easily make the right choice.

It is obvious that a periodic maintenance review does not take into account the various parts to be changed if some are worn, for example brake pads AV, rear brakes, shock absorbers, wiper blades or others. Before a big trip, the big holidays, for example, remember to have your vehicle checked so as not to be surprised by a last-minute break down.


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