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Oct 25 2021

5 Symptoms of Damage to Automatic Car Transmissions


Cars equipped with automatic car transmission systems or what you usually call automatic cars are growing from time to time. There are so many reasons that become the basis for someone to choose an automatic transmission car over a manual one. Automatic car transmission progressed very rapidly and became so popular on earth. Even now automatic transmission has been able to beat the human ability in speed and accuracy of gearshift.

Symptoms of a Problematic Automatic Car Transmission:

No different from cars with manual transmissions, automatic car transmissions also have obstacles that can interfere with travel, you know, friends. The problem will get worse if the car owner does not carry out routine maintenance. The performance of the vehicle is certainly no longer optimal and even damage can occur. Therefore, you must know the problems that often occur in automatic transmission cars and how to overcome them.

Rough Car Transmission When Shifting Gears:

The problem of a rough car transmission when shifting gears can be detected by the driver easily. When you put your gear in or step on the gas pedal deeply, you can certainly feel the jolt when the car is moving. If you feel the jolt but the shift lever is still smooth, it means that your friend's car is still in good condition. If the jolt feels harsh, even feels like someone is pushing the car, you should start to worry. It's better for you to immediately take the automatic car to a repair shop for further inspection of the car's transmission. Remember, never underestimate the slightest sense of unnaturalness.

Unnatural Vibration in the Car:

You need to remember the sensation of driving when your car is still in top condition. When this vibration causes an effect such as goosebumps, you must immediately carry out an inspection. Vibration in the vehicle is a normal thing that occurs because the car engine is running. However, if the vibration is disturbing, there could be a problem with your car's transmission system. This unnatural vibration can also be caused by friction in the worn clutch.

Difficult to Move the Shift Lever:

There are times when your automatic car is unable to shift gears. Failure to shift gears can be caused by problems with the switch from your car's transmission system. This makes the position of the transmission lever stuck and difficult to move. It could be, after a few times the tooth can finally be moved. However, if you don't immediately take this problem seriously, the condition of the car will get worse. Friends, you should immediately take your car to a repair shop to immediately analyze whether your car's transmission should be overhauled or not. However, you can also check the brake switch first.

Gear Does Not Follow the Car's Transmission Mode Shift:

Have you ever experienced symptoms when changing the car's transmission mode but the gear didn't change too? Yes, it's not just the gear lever that can have problems. Gears in the transmission system can also experience problems such as not being able to move. If you experience this problem, you should check the car's gearbox. It could be, the cable inside is peeling or even broken. If the gearbox cable has problems, the arm on the gearbox does not move so that the gear fails to follow the transmission lever.

Difficult To Reverse The Car:

If your friend's car engine is severely damaged, the problems that occur will be much more numerous and complex. One of the most common problems with automatic car transmissions is the difficulty of using the reverse gear. Of course, this problem should not be taken lightly because it has a big impact on your driving experience, especially when you have to park. Usually, the difficulty of reversing the car is caused by a malfunction in the mechanical system of the automatic transmission of the car. To prevent this, you are of course obliged to carry out periodic inspections of your automatic car. If the damage has already occurred, you should immediately take the car to an official repair shop.

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